A Detailed Guide To Website Development Costs In India

Website development cost in India has always been the main concern for business owners. With a share involved in constructing a business, the business person tries to determine every expense beforehand. But, estimating the cost to generate a website is not easy as it hinges on a number of factors like domain, hosting, site design, content, and obligatory functional modules. Furthermore, the same varies from vendor to vendor and includes both fixed and variable costs. Some of the factors that affect the cost to create a site are as mentioned below:


A domain name is used to indicate one or more IP addresses, such as any personal computer used to access the internet. When preparing to build a website, buying a domain name is the initial step. You can get anyone for your business from some domain registrars like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, Google, and more.


This specific cost varies as per the type of design selected for the website. While limited readymade designs are obtainable for free, these are obtainable with a lot of hidden limits. Since these are substandard designs, they are not suitable for some serious businesses. These are also hard to maintain and are not available with any provision from anywhere. Therefore, choosing a professional design is the best idea. Although this may appear to cost you once, making any alterations to it may lead to some extra costs.  The finest way to get a limited design ready for your site is to outsource this work to a web designer, share all your needs, and get it delivered as per the predefined deadlines. A very nice professional design may cost you up to INR 10,000 – 60,000 with a single website shared license whereas a special professional design would cost you anywhere between INR 100,000 – 300,000, and sometimes beyond.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the vital factors in helping your site rank on SERP for a set of specific keywords. Optimizing your site for search engines suggests that it will appear high in search results when a specific person searches for a business like yours. Search Engine Optimisation services are usually available in packages with the facility provider offering on-site or off-site Search Engine Optimisation or a combination of both. Although optional, Search Engine Optimisation may cost around INR 20,000 – 45,000 annually for any business. Also, the business would need at least 6 months for the Search Engine Optimisation to show its results.


To host your site, you would want a web server that will cost you on a regular or annual basis. This would rest on the type of package you have chosen from the service provider. Also, the cost to generate a website would also be jammed by the shared or enthusiastic hosting space, any superior discounts accessible by the provider, etc. For an expert website, VPS may be chosen for hosting based on the configuration & server platform. The estimated cost for diverse types of hosting space, a joint hosting environment would cost you wherever from INR 5000 – 10,000/.  Hosting it on VPS may cost anywhere between INR 40,000 – 100,000 per annum contingent on the configuration and the server platform. A dedicated server prices you high from INR 150,000 – 400,000.


The Content plays a vital role in defining the success of a site. So, getting the correct content uploaded on the site within the wanted timeline is completely important. This content may comprise anything from images, write-ups, videos, or any extra resources. Available in diverse formats like presentations, blogs, videos, and others, the cost of receiving this content ready depends on the kind of business you are into, the level of difficulty of your services, and others. The marketing influences like SEO and digital marketing may also play an important role in affecting the complete cost of site development. Copyrighted content for a page will cost around INR 3000 per page.

The Content Management System or CMS

A quality Content Management System is important to upload and inform the content on the website. While there are a lot of free Content Management systems available in the marketplace like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, these do not continuously serve the desired purpose. If you have some exact requirements and would like to involve your customers in a better way, then there is continuously a possibility of building a tailored Content Management System with the help of web designers. But, remember that building a customized Content Management System would cost you anywhere between INR 100,000 – 500,000.

The cost to create a website domain

There are some registrars that also bid you a number of integrated services like a dashboard for handling DNS, hosting & databases. So, know what features you would want from a domain worker and choose consequently. Generally, a domain will cost you around INR 900 to 1200 per year.

Receptive Web Pages

A responsive site has become a significant way to progress the user experience across diverse platforms and screen sizes. Since Google considers this feature and the mobile page speed as the main ranking factor, it is significant to keep your website very responsive. As making such a site needs a lot more CSS and a combination of its frameworks like bootstrap & flex, the cost can usually go up in comparison to other sites. 

Very Clear Navigation Structure

 A clean navigation assembly is significant to help visitors understand where they would find a specific piece of information. Helping to progress user experience, and developing strong navigation requires one to have a clear thought of human behaviour. Also, it also adds to the cost of building the essential site. For example, a smart collapsible menu costs you much but less than the one with images & icons in the menu or navigation design. The extra cost due to the navigation structure can cost you anywhere between INR 5,000 – 50,000 depending on the ease and difficulty of the navigation menu

Setting Up the Email Newsletter

Newsletters have progressively become prevalent among business houses to promote or endorse themselves. These can be used to target anonymous persons, subscribers, or customers for professional updates or to build a community. To use this provision, you need to have a newsletter application service combined with your website. The cost of mixing a newsletter application service into your site varies contingent on the type of newsletter you need to send.

Social Media Set up

Social Media Setup is about setting up a business page on diverse social media platforms and updating it frequently with applicable business updates. Since social media pages are not a new idea and gain more fondness when they validate the site as correct, setting up the accounts can help in enlightening your online presence and ranking in the search results. Receiving this done in-house can be very pocket-friendly. But, if you choose to outsource this, it may cost you between INR 5000 – 20,000 per year.

Site Search

This can work as an additional navigation capability of a site. Acting as a virtual assistant to find elements in a site, works best for the workers when you have made some changes to the site. Adding this feature would surely add some additional cost. If you plan to add a progressive search feature, the additional cost to create a website can be even high. Usually, this cost can increase by INR 10,000 – 30,000 per site depending on the type of search ability you add.

The Cost of an eCommerce extension

Adding some complex features like arranged discussions or forums can lead to an additional cost for the site. An eCommerce extension also does not come at a reasonable price and will make you earn a lot of money. It will also add to the job of the site developer as they would need to progress a product catalogue for the business as well as enhance a shopping cart feature to the site. This would also want payment gateway addition. All this collectively can lead to an extra cost of INR 10,000 – 60,000 along with the time you would want to set up the website.

Factors that Regulate the Website Development Cost

Some of the important factors that determine the normal cost to build a custom site include:

  • The Factors by types and purpose
  • The Factors by phases
  • Other Essential factors
  • The Sources of Buying Website

There are numerous types of buying options accessible to you depending on the budget. You can purchase from sources with the like of

  • The Freelance developer
  • Free Website builders or the Website Builder services
  • The Software development agency
  • From the Custom Website Developer

The Website Types and their Projected Website Development Cost

Business Websites

The website development cost for a business website contains information about your company’s services as well as data about your company. The website growth price is different related to a business website.

Product List Websites

Product List Websites are ones that are intended to exhibit categories & products. Clients can look at them and send questions. The site development price differs accordingly and is slightly less than the e-commerce site development cost.

E-commerce site cost

An E-commerce site is your online store, and you will need one to sell your kinds of stuff or services online. Along with viewing product information and lists, you will need to include eCommerce features. These are the payment gateway, which would make the site development price a bit low. The e-commerce site development cost in India is high than the basic websites.

User-based Web Portals 

User-based web portals need some functionality like user signup & login, profile making & searching, and so on. These types of sites require a high level of sophistication; thus, e-commerce website development cost will vary depending on your requirements. As you can see, the website development cost is high in India than the e-commerce site development cost.


Your website is the look of your business. Creating a stunning website should be your highest priority. If you extremely want to build an attractive website and boost your occupation, you need the best web development services. We at GlobalHunt Technologies will help all businesses, from start-ups to big companies, to grow their business with our website development solutions. Visit us and we will support you to attain all these services easily.

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