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Responsive E-Commerce Design

With more and more people choosing mobile devices for performing each and every task, it is clear that internet surfing is mostly carried out on the smaller screens than the desktop. This includes everything from checking e-mails to making an online purchase. So, you must understand how important it is to have your e-commerce website … Continue reading “The Importance of a Responsive Design for E-Commerce”

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online reputation managemen

The general thought of online reputation management is something that only big organizations need these services to maintain their business reputation in the niche, Is it? No, it is a wrong psyche, no matter what size your business is, be it start up or well-reckoned business you need a to follow some tactics to manage … Continue reading “Basic Trends of Online Reputation Management”

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Google Plus News

It is no big surprise that Google+ is a powerful social media tool that was introduced by Google seven years ago. But, on Oct 2018 Google decided to roll down the consumer version Google+ in the next coming months as it revealed a privacy bug in the API for Google+. This bug has uncovered not … Continue reading “Google Decided To Rolled Down Google+ After Seven Years – To Know Why Scroll Down”

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On May 25, 2018, a new law known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came, which aims to safeguard the personal information of all citizens of EU (European Union). This law rest on the bedrock of a new protocol and have replaced the Data Protection Act. Now, this law is followed by all those businesses … Continue reading “GDPR – An Effective Solution For The Businesses Dealing With EU Network”

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