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Although it is up to an individual site owner to keep or remove blog comments Google sees comments as a part of the content. If a comment contains information a searcher is looking for then it can help a page get surfaced in search results.
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#Google releases 12 new manual action penalties involving violations of Google News and Google Discover policies. Previously, manual actions were limited to violations of Google Search.

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Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

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Many Congratulations on your Work Anniversary!!

Your contributions to the company are greatly appreciated. May you accomplish more successful working years with this organization.

Wish you all the very best in the years ahead.

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World Cancer Day !!

You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have.

Let's Pray For Those Who Are Fighting Cancer.

#SupportingTheFighters #AdmiringTheSurvivors
#HonoringTheTaken #WorldCancerDay2021 #CancerAwareness #Cancer #GlobalHunt

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Negative SEO

To combat the issue of a negative SEO campaign, you should be cognizant of the fact that you have hit one. Once you can decipher that you have been trapped in the clutches of a negative campaign, then it’s time to make a prudent move to avert the scenario to witness the doom of your … Continue reading “The Best Way to Identify a Negative SEO Campaign”

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Search Consoles Index Coverage Report

If you are keen to learn how to use the index coverage report, then the new training video posted by Google will keep you covered. This blog post will provide some pointers for you to comprehend the video. In the video, Google’s Daniel Waisberg, explains in detail how to leverage the use of Search Console … Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide by Google to Use Search Console’s Index Coverage Report”

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Biggest social media sites

It is no big surprise that all social media promotion sites are not designed with par excellence. On the one hand side, Instagram could be the traffic driving powerhouse for one industry but it could be not that effective for another industry type. Similarly, one brand may have plethora of engagements on Facebook while another … Continue reading “Explore About 7 Major Driving Social Media Websites”

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App Store Optimization

App store optimization is a great way to improve app visibility and help in taking the conversion rates at a higher rate. The major app stores are Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS respectively. Also, it will bring the focus to Click Through Rate, hence convincing people to click on your application … Continue reading “Grab Attention Of Potential Users With App Store Optimization”

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