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GlobalHunt Technologies is a leading web development firm in India having a great team of experts. The company has worked with diverse clients and made their business run better and gain a good position. As a leading web development solution provider, we take pride in serving our clients with the best development service at affordable costs. With years of experience in this field, we ensure to offer solutions that exceed your expectations. Our expert gets the blood rush by turning their immaculate and innovative idea into the product. We aim to catapult your website design project at the top. To get the unmatched website design services at a competitive price, contact us today.


Open source development is the best option to get ease in operations. This allows for swift development and a process backed by abundant resources. There’s a quick understanding of the particular type of development and utility. There are ready to use plugins available, which allow the extension in different scenarios. You can use a good fragment of time to implement the features.

Being an extremely compatible web design solution, Open Source Development offers both cost-effective and promptly developed designs under restricted time-frames. This requires no license whatsoever, which is the reason for open source to reach a favorable spot among SMEs. While we consider this, it is a great relief to find that engineers are easily available for open source development.

As we decide on the decision making factor for what holds best for a favorable website, we find an open source to be working smoothly. It is very easy to manage and understand which makes it a cluster of service. You will learn about the innumerable benefits of it when you come to play with the website operations. Different e-commerce systems like opencart, Zen Cart, Magento, are a few intriguing websites that offer you with excellent open source for development.

Opensource Development
Html5 Development


HTML has been widely recognized for coding a website to its operational features. As HTML5 is the latest version, it offers amiable features that prove it to be a superior sibling among all other versions. It can be relied on for developing the most modern pages that allow ease of operations. It allows a smart way to support intensive animation and there are plenty of interesting user interface solutions that can be offered. The websites are highly mobile responsive, language accustomed and create a user experience that grabs attention. The language is accustomed to create an experience that is easy to understand and access to the users.

There is a myriad of benefits and services that are offered by HTML5. This excellence causes the language to be the best of both the worlds offering unimaginable themes and designs. We have a proficient team of developers who bring it to the best use for delivering the results as expected. There are possibilities to different features by using the language. Our HTML5 development services offer you endless opportunity to create something new with the language.


Angular JS used in support to HTML5 opens various open-source opportunities. It is a structural framework offering that is primarily used as an HTML template. This helps in fairly extending the syntax and including components that are simply smart.

Angular JS is considered as a web development model used to create dynamic single page websites, but there’s more to it. Taking it further, it offers ease of maintenance. There’s a lot more that can be added to your page website when you come to us. Our experts will add the magic to your single page websites as well as multi-page websites. By introducing the changes, we will make navigating through your website a cakewalk.

As one of the leading web developers and having years of experience we have delivered innumerable projects. Those are mentioned in the portfolio, as they are the stepping stones to our development in Angular JS services. The practice and efforts helped us sharpen our skills and now we can call ourselves as superior in the services. It can be easily deduced that our prime focus is on delivering brilliant websites that allow easy maintenance, and seamless user experience.

Angular JS Development
Single Page Website


Websites help you with the online availability so that your customers can reach you any time of the day. It will be very easy for you to find your potential customers when they can access your products online. Wouldn’t it be easy for you to manage your business with an easy-to-operate website? You will save a lot of time and money with a platform to maintain.

With GlobalHunt Technologies in your back support, you can easily attain your goals with one-page website. It can be swiftly created by our team within a couple of ways using HTML, Angular JS or a hybrid. We will offer a smooth user-experience using any of these languages or platforms. Along with smooth operations, we ensure that the website designs are brilliant. We develop user interface based on the specifications offered by our clients so that meeting potential customers is easy.

For small enterprises, it is best to have single page websites. This will answer the queries while keeping the design simple. A lot of eminent personalities follow the same website pattern to answer the queries of their customers. A scroll-down page is simple and our experts can create a remarkable one by having the right information. As demanded by the clients, it can follow an informative or visual approach that appeals to potential customers. This will help in a quick online presence with easy user navigation.


There are innumerable benefits of going online with business. It will be very easy for you to create an impact when the business runs online. The simplicity of use is the reason why the website development is done by PARALLAX. Wouldn’t it be great for you to have a website for yourself at a pocket-friendly cost? You are in the right place then

The result is similar to that of a one-page website. You can add animations to this page and make it more appealing. If you wish to make your website more informational, this is one of the best options for you. With a simple coding procedure, our experts can get you a website developed to your expectations. We can create a brilliant set of animation patterns and help you with pulling a great website.

Such websites are very-well meant for the professional animators, artists, small business entrepreneurs who want to appeal more to potential customers while offering less yet crisp information. The impact of your website will invite people who have an interest in your offerings and starting from there you can build a great experience for them.

Parallax website development

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GlobalHunt Technologies is a renowned Indian company that offers custom web development solutions at the best prices while keeping a customer-centric approach to complete the projects.

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We have a proficient team of experts that offers visionaries and builds the features while showing dedication towards knowledge, skills, and experiences. This will give you a truly remarkable page for online presence.

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We have a credible team available right at your help and will offer you the results that keep your business potential high. Our team is blessed with a mind of innovation and creativity.

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We take pride in saying that responsibility is all that matters to us. We take care that we deliver you high-end projects while meeting the timelines. Superior quality is attained while delivering the projects.

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We grow with your business; therefore, we ensure that we are delivering a great service to you. Our ideas will help in digging deeper and reaching the key technical details of the business.

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We completely relate to your requirement for building things a certain way. Our prime responsibility is to back your vision technically and implement apt customizations that make your business grow.


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