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Increase the Recognition of your brand with Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management (ORM) are the services that help in proactively building your company’s brand, creating smooth and improved communication with your clients, and building an impactful digital reputation. Choose GlobalHunt Technologies, the best online reputation management services company in India to solve all your requirements. We can help you improve your online reputation marketing as well as preserve quality brand reputation. Our experts provide you with holistic digital promotion solutions for your business. Online reputation management services are a crucial element in digital promotions. Being the top online reputation management organizations in India, we know the direct impact that your brand’s reputation has on your company’s success, productivity, and clients. The process of repairing any negative reputation of your products and building a positive reputation for your company with strong importance on customer-oriented products, is continuous. The ideal business strategy should be for both the present as well as the future. It is very useful for any kind of business to adopt good corporate reputation management strategies.

Majority of businesses seek online reputation management services only when they are faced with negative impact on their online image which is harming their brand. However, in this competitive and dynamic market it is wise to invest in online reputation management from the beginning. This helps create a positive online reputation for the brand which is essential for faster growth and increased sales and revenue generation. Place your trust on GlobalHunt Technologies for all your online reputation management services and see your brand image grow.

What is included in our ORM Services?

Our online reputation management services help individuals and companies build and manage online reputation through effective control of online conversations. This process helps to strengthen your company’s popularity in the industry by highlighting its success. You can engage with more customers by providing them the exact thing that they are seeking in the search engines.

Who should use ORM services?

Why Pick GlobalHunt Technologies for ORM Services?

Simple CRM Tools: We use user friendly and easy CRM tools to help build and manage lasting relationships with all our clients. We provide detailed updates on the daily tasks as per the agreement.

Dedicate Project Manager: We realize the importance of receiving customized and dedicated attention. That is why we appoint a dedicated project manager for each client to ensure smooth communication and execution of the projects.

Performance Tracking : We provide daily, weekly and monthly performance reports to all our clients. This is an excellent way of letting you track the progress of your website and also plan the strategies for the coming months.

Best Quality Customer Support: Good customer support is the main pillar of providing best results. That is why it is number one on our priority list. Your dedicated project manager will be available on call, email or Skype at all times during the business hours. This makes sure that there is seamless communication between both parties.

Online Reputation Management Services from GlobalHunt Technologies Helps You:

  • Increase Sales: Enhance your sales figures with the help of different online platforms with the help of online reputation management services. These help you influence the behavior and reviews of clients for your brand. Positive reviews help attract more customers and in turn leading to increased sales and profits.
  • Build Credibility: It is a fact that a company’s brand reputation depends on the critics received from its clients. Our brand reputation management services can help foster trust and credibility from your clients. This in turn helps make your company successful.
  • Gain Online Insights: Creating a positive online identity is crucial to your success and growth. We help you avoid the spread of fake rumors and gossips that can potentially damage harm the profitability of your company by removing negative news and highlighting positive reviews.
  • Create a Brand Image: Online reputation building is a priority for all businesses and very important for good brand image. Our online reputation management servicescan help provide relevant information to your clients online that helps to satisfy their needs and retain them. This creates a positive brand image to your existing customers who are more likely to refer you to new clients.
  • Improve Recruitment: A company with good reputation attracts clients to purchase their goods and services. However, the key to retaining your customers is to have adequate staff to function properly. A company with good brand name attracts the best employee who in turn work hard to make the company profitable.

Online Reputation Management services help companies and individuals the process of managing their digital brand reputation and influence the perceptions that are present in the social media and networking platforms. This is done through search engine optimization. GlobalHunt Technologies offers the best online reputation management services by building positive brand value for celebrities or services belonging to particular industries. The process involves constant monitoring of current online situation of the brand, boost the reputation, and try to acquire improved client relations to obtain increased positive online feedback. Most customers form an idea about the company’s efficiency based on their position in the results page of search engines. This is manipulated by online reputation management companies that influence the way the audience looks at your company and you in a digital environment. With the help of our best online reputation management services or online review management services we can promote the positive responses and suppress the irrelevant or negative ones. This helps improve your brand image as a whole. We can also assist in flagging and removing negative, fake, and bad Google reviews with our online review management services.

Contact us today for details and price for best online reputation management services from GlobalHunt Technologies.

Affordable ORM Services Packages

Choose from affordable ORM Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return

Search positions monitored 3 Pages 5 Pages 7 Pages 10 Pages
Blog Promotion 30 60 70 80

What makes Online Reputation Management Services Important for your Brand Image?

Online reputation management is essential for corporates as it is responsible for creating an active social image and improving it steadily. You need the right marketing skills along with bringing in increased number of clients with the right strategies and make your business model popular and presentable on the different social platforms. Online reputation management services help create the base for boosting customer support for any company. One of the key factors that influence what a customer sees online is how the keywords of your brand appears on search results pages through the web. Digital presence makes it possible to track each and every activity constantly. This is why services such as review management and online reputation management can help create lasting relationships with the clients. Online Reputation management services can help you get better customer reviews, feedback, ratings, and digital media reputation.

Corporate online reputation management services are a useful tool to help you shape the customer’s view of your company and brand image. Most companies have become completely dependent on the reviews that they receive from client on their website and social media platforms to device their strategies to achieve the goals. This is a great way to get the customers to be attracted to your brand and products. Our expert services will help promote and build your brand through positive reviews, advertisements, social media sites, good public relations, and media coverage. This will help you attract and retain more clients.

When it comes to building a good brand image for your company, it is necessary that you remove the bad Google reviews regularly. However, you need to know a few important details. The process is fairly simple once you know the steps involved.

Steps to Remove Bad Google Reviews

  • Do not panic about negative reviews being posted on Google.
  • Evaluate the review and determine whether it is fake or genuine.
  • Respond quickly to the information.
  • If the information is fake, then have it flagged for removal.
  • If the information is accurate, then try to rectify the situation by speaking to the concerned client.
  • Keep yourself updated on your work at all times.

This is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a good online reputation and should be followed diligently by your company. These are some of the highlights of the online reputation management services that we have to offer.

sure that your company is well equipped to start the process of removing bad reviews from Google by hiring the experts of GlobalHunt Technologies. We are the number one online brand reputation management company in India and provide you with best solutions for building a positive and lasting brand image for your company. The best thing that you can do for your business is to take action today, instead of letting your reputation get ruined by unmonitored information.


ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. It consists of a variety of activities that are used to build and/or maintain a positive brand image of a company or individual. The shoppers today are more researched and like to know every small detail of the products and services before they make the purchase. This is where ORM becomes very important. It helps to share the right reviews and FAQs to the potential customers to generate more sales and revenue.

An online reputation management services company helps you deal with negative reviews and publicity in the best possible way. These companies help to bring in positive customer experiences, create a positive company branding, and build a clean image in the long run. It can also act as your digital PR agent which helps your business grow and gain digital recognition. We can also help you with suspension of negative reviews and removal of complaints.

Along with SEO, ORM is very important to get organic digital recognition. Good and relevant SEO is useful in improving your rankings on search results pages. Effective Online Reputation Management helps you to convert the organic traffic into leads and sales. ORM helps you highlight customer reviews, star ratings, benefits of your products or services. It is responsible for creating a positive brand image, gather the positive feedback in one place, and over time create a clean and wholesome brand image for your company. It can also act as the digital public relations agency for your business.

The time taken to repair a damaged brand reputation depends on what the company is looking to achieve. It also depends on how authoritative the link is and chosen plan of the client. If more effort is applied, then one can expect to see the desired suppression within the first couple of months. Otherwise, the regular efforts generally yield results in three to five months.

Online reputation management services can cost anywhere between $550 to 1250 per month depending on the plan that you pick. This may seem to be a high cost however it is nothing compared to a good brand recognition for your business. This cost will include profile creation, content writing and syndication, and link syndication. All these will eventually lead to the removal of negative posts and establishment of a positive brand image.


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