What Are the Costs of TikTok Ads and How can we Advertise on TikTok?

The site has become a potent marketing tool for numerous firms thanks to TikTok’s recent rapid growth. Even though brands can create business accounts and advertise their goods and services naturally. Depending solely on organic marketing may not be efficient for companies that want to expand as quickly as possible. Initiating a structured advertising scheme, TikTok took a while to get going. Because of this, businesses had to discover alternative methods of TikTok advertising. One of the reasons influencer marketing has succeeded on the platform is because of this.

TikTok began experimenting with advertising in late 2018, but it didn’t take off until far into 2019. Early on, there was a lot of debate on how expensive TikTok advertisements were. A hashtag challenge costs $150,000 for six days. The challenge will be promoted by businesses at an additional cost.

Brands can pay $50,000 to $100,000 to take over a popular TikTok channel, for example. However, things are now far more affordable for firms looking to promote on TikTok now that the platform has added brief native video advertising.

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How Do TikTok Ads Work? 

TikTok advertising is less obvious to the ordinary user since they appear more natural than on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. TikTok Ads include several price points and formats, as is common with online advertising. Your advertisement’s prices can vary depending on where a user sees it. If you choose to use this platform to advertise, you can select from several options for your self-serve newsfeed ads, including Image ads, Video ads, Spark Ads, or Collection Ads, which will define how and where your ad appears.

Video Ads

The platform’s newsfeed and/or the newsfeeds of apps that are part of TikTok will both have video adverts (again Buzz Video, Top Buzz, and Babe). As they will appear in your target audiences’ FYP, these are the most prevalent type of self-serve advertisement format (for your page). A video ad may have a duration of 5 to 60 seconds and may also feature a display image, a brand name, and ad text.

Image Ads

Images, brand or app names, and ad text are all included in picture advertising that is displayed through TikTok’s newsfeed umbrella applications (BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and Babe).

Collection Ads

If someone taps on an interactive component of your collection ad, it will take them to an Instant Gallery Page where they may browse a well-curated gallery of product cards. To display products on your Instant Gallery Page, you can either choose them yourself or allow TikTok Ads Manager automatically display the products that are most pertinent to each visitor. People can browse your product catalog from the Instant Gallery Page before proceeding to your website to finalize their purchase.

Spark Ads

With Spark Ads, a more recent feature, you can utilize a code to advertise directly from your TikTok page or the page of a partner or content producer. This structure is quite similar to boosting a post on Facebook or Instagram.

Is TikTok Advertising Good for Your Business?

As a platform for sharing short videos, TikTok is gaining popularity quickly. There have been times when TikTok has topped all other non-gaming apps in both the Apple and Android (Google Play) app stores in terms of downloads. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many brands want to get involved. Along with a YouTube channel, they already maintain an active presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, any TikTok advertising (or simply managing a business TikTok account) will be heavily influenced by the demographics of your target audience.

How much do TikTok ads cost? 

You can set your spending limits and bid amounts on this platform, just like on other social media platforms. This implies that the price of TikTok ads varies depending on the campaign. Advertisers on TikTok often spend $1.00 on average per click and $6.06 on average per 1,000 impressions. This cost does not apply to every company, therefore keep in mind that it was determined by a combined examination of all advertisers. At the campaign level, TikTok demands a minimum budget of $50 per day and $20 per day for ad groups.

Advertising on TikTok can be more expensive than on Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, some of TikTok’s most well-known companies, like Nike and Disney, have substantial advertising budgets. Unless there is a significant difference, they are quite unlikely to argue over price. However, compared to the more well-known Facebook and Instagram advertising, it can appear to be more expensive. TikTok ads are a recent addition. Because they are confident that their advertisers won’t switch to TikTok’s rivals to compete for valuable Facebook/Instagram advertising space, TikTok can afford to charge a premium price for them. Ads on TikTok begin at $10 per CPM (cost per 1000 views). Additionally, you must invest at least $500 in a campaign. So, for a low-cost, fun viral marketing campaign, you won’t be using official TikTok advertising.

Types of TikTok Advertising and Marketing

Working with Influencers

Before recently, the only true option for a company looking to market on TikTok was to collaborate with a TikTok influencer to spread the word about their business. This still holds now in a lot of ways. The most economical strategy to convey your message is still definitely to establish cordial connections. Connections can be establish with well-known and successful TikTok users whose follower demographics align with your target audience.

You have the opportunity to make a substantial return on your investment. You can achieve this if you can work with an influencer to promote your items to a sizable network of interested followers. This does, of course, presume that you offer a product that makes for engaging, alluring videos. This will attract an influencer’s audience to your business.

Sharing TikTok Content on Other Social Platforms

Something doesn’t need to remain on TikTok just because it started there. On YouTube, for instance, there are many channels where users share TikTok highlight videos. You can also use your Instagram Stories and Snapchat Snaps to share relevant TikTok content. Whether it’s your own or was made by influencers you’ve negotiated deals with. Just try to limit the amount of time you spend promoting TikTok on social media platforms with distinctly different user demographics from TikTok.

Promoting Your Own TikTok Channel

Consider creating a TikTok channel for your business if your social media marketing team is young and your brand targets the right TikTok users. This is identical to a company creating an account on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or uploading videos to a YouTube channel for the business. However, keep in mind that users do not visit TikTok to learn about your company or its offerings. 

They typically visit there for fun or to exhibit their creative talents. Your product advertisements are the last thing customers want to see. Therefore, you must provide value to your fans if you want to start a TikTok channel. Share films that catch their attention and might even pique their interest enough to explore more of what your company has to offer. Naturally, certain goods and services find it far simpler to succeed on TikTok than others. It is simple for film studios to set up and distribute video clips from the newest blockbusters. Likewise, sharing audio clips by music labels makes perfect sense.

TikTok Challenges

Challenges are now associated with TikTok. Jimmy Fallon’s #Tumbleweed Challenge was arguably the most well-known. He asked them to record a video of someone rolling around on the ground like a tumbleweed while Western-style music was playing, and post it on TikTok. Background. The challenge was a huge success, garnering over 9 million views in just seven days thanks to the 8,000 videos uploaded by TikTok users. It would be more difficult to persuade sceptical TikTok users to follow the lead, even though a successful brand-focused challenge would generate the most publicity.

TikTok’s Paid Advertising Program

Finally establishing its own paid advertising program, TikTok has followed in the footsteps of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Although the other TikTok marketing strategies are largely unofficial, you might prefer the layout of the platform’s official paid advertising program. This is still in its infancy, so the platform lacks some refinement. In particular, the Facebook and YouTube versions. But since it is less likely that your rivals will oversaturate TikTok with greater ad bids than yours, you might be able to make up for this.

Top-View Ads of TikTok Advertising

Once per day, when users open the app for the first time, these videos are the first video in the For You feed. Top-view advertising has a maximum duration of 60 seconds, just like in-feed ads. They’re excellent at grabbing viewers’ attention and are a good choice for businesses trying to promote goods or services that need consumers to pay attention for extended periods, such as game trailers for upcoming releases, how-to guides for new products, and others. Top-view commercials are TikTok’s most prominent advertisements, and they are very expensive. You can anticipate paying about $65,000 for 7.4 million impressions, while the exact amount you will need to cash out will depend on the details of your campaign.

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