YouTube Filters Not Working? Here are Some Tricks To Fix The Problem

YouTube is one of the world’s main social media platforms, allowing all users to upload, view, and share videos from a diversity of sources, as well as the other most popular search engine. Because there are limitless videos on YouTube, it may be stimulating to find what type of video you want. As a result, YouTube bids a search filter tool that lets users narrow down the results contingent on their search parameters. The filter tool categorizes the results by comparing the films to principles like upload date, duration, and features. What if the YouTube Filters are Not Working? Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, making finding videos without filters more stimulating. This mutual issue is encountered by many users, and it stops users from properly sorting the videos.

How Does the YouTube Filter Work?

A user can practice the YouTube filter function to hunt for videos and then filter them based on the subsequent criteria:

  • The video’s length, for instance, is less than 4 min
  • When the video was issued on YouTube, for example, within the last hour.
  • The video’s quality, for instance, HD
  • What type of video do you need, for example, Any channel or video?

As an effect, the YouTube filter allows you to determine the video you want to view more exactly.

Purposes of the YouTube Filter

You are able to hunt for videos with the YouTube filter function and then you can use the YouTube filter which can help you filter these videos based on upload date, type, duration, and features. Hence, with the help of the YouTube filter, you can more precisely find the video you need to watch

Why are the YouTube Filters Not Working?

This YouTube fault occurs since YouTube Support has momentarily removed the content. There is an official announcement from YouTube, saying that it is conscious the search-sorting functions are not working as expected and it is provisional to respond, review, and eliminate the graphics and violative content. This YouTube filter not working is worldwide and it is usual program maintenance. What you want to do is to wait till the YouTube support team finishes the video filtering and gets this functionality back to you. After a few days, the search bar on YouTube will come back as usual. At that time, you can make use of the filter as you wish.

What Is the Reason for YouTube Filters Not Working suddenly?

It is perhaps because of 2 reasons:

 The issue typically arises when YouTube managers remove illegal content from the website. To stop the audience from viewing the videos, they usually disable the YouTube filter function. As an effect, the filter tool does not seem to be operating. Due to the higher volume of YouTube cache and information, the YouTube app may occasionally operate unusually. If you are on a desktop, the browser’s cache may be triggering your YouTube search to fail.

What will happen when the YouTube filters do not work?

Certainly, YouTube is typically flooded with thousands of videos on any assumed topic. It becomes a tough task on the part of the user to search for precise information or videos until you reach the correct video or channel if you are well alert of how the search works. But it is not practically possible to see all such videos as it can take much time. So, YouTube filters help to arrange the most relevant videos regarding the topic you are searching for. With these filters, you can modify your search experience based on numerous functionalities to filter out the subsequent videos. It can be created on upload date, time period, quality, and video type. When you look for videos based on the applied filters, you get the list of arranged videos as per the conditions. When the filters do not work, you do not get tailored videos based on the settings you need to keep. So, it becomes problematic to search for the correct set of videos.

What should be done to fix the problem?

While receiving a solution to this matter is not totally up to us, some tricks can be cast-off to tackle this YouTube filters not working matter. Here are some tips which can help to solve

If you are trying to use YouTube with a browser, try to clear out the browser cache or cookies. Though, it may take some time to clear the cache as it hinges on the size of cookies kept on your device. Once the procedure is done, try to resume your browser and check if the settings are occupied properly or not. Instead, you can also use a different YouTube account to explore the items. You can also customize Google search filters to filter YouTube videos. Just open the website and go to the search segment. Now type the keyword and once you are done click on the choice of the tool and select your filters. With the aid of these builders, you can idea the video settings such as duration, country time, etc. But, make sure that you use this choice only in case when the YouTube filters do not work if you have taken all the essential steps to avoid the situation.

Steps to Fix the YouTube Filter Not Working Mistake

If you are receiving this error or any errors similar to this and need a quick fix, you can follow the solutions that will help you fix the YouTube filter not working mistake.

 Clear all the Cache & Cookies

Most of the time, unimportant errors can be fixed just by clearing your device’s cache and cookies. These are momentary files that help websites run fast and more professionally. If there are many of these files, then it is great to clean them as they may cause mistakes in websites.

Use the Google’s Filter Tool

  • If YouTube’s filter is not working, the simplest answer is to search for the video using Google’s filter tool. Here is how to do it
  • Simply type what you are searching for in the search bar and add after it.
  • Then click on the “Videos” from the top bar.
  • Click on the Tools option and filters will pop. Here you can attempt using the filter option again and confidently, the YouTube filter not working error will disappear.
  • Check the Internet Connection
  • Occasionally, an unstable internet connection can source the filters to act up. Check the internet connection using a speed test and again if the internet connection is unstable, try again after a while or try to switch to a different network.
  • Turn Off the Restricted Mode
  • The restricted mode is a great feature that helps to filter possibly mature and inappropriate videos, but it is not continuously accurate and might be intrusive with your search filters.

How to Turn Off the Restricted Mode on a PC:

To turn off this restricted mode on a PC, you have to:

  • Go to and then Click on the profile icon in the top right. After that click on the “Restricted Mode” and after that make sure it is turned off.
  • How to Turn Off the Restricted Mode on a mobile phone:
  • To turn it off on the YouTube app installed onto your phone, you can follow these steps:
  • Open the YouTube app and then click the profile icon which is at the top right. After that go to The Settings & then click on General and then go to The Restricted Mode after that turn it off.
  • Now try using the filters once more and see whether the YouTube filter not working mistake still persists or not. If it is still there, do not worry, there are still some options we can go through.
  • Reinstall the YouTube App
  • If you are on a phone, a bug in the YouTube app might cause it to not work correctly, thus, causing the YouTube filter not working mistake. You can fix this it uninstalling or deactivating the app. Once after doing it, you can reinstall it from Google Play Store, or you can enable it from the phone’s settings. Note that uninstalling your app will log you out of the accounts but disabling it will not.
  • Reset the Browser Settings

If you are on a computer, a certain setting could have activated the YouTube filter not working mistake. You can fix it by rearranging your browser settings. This will re-establish your homepage and the search bar to default settings. After resetting the browser settings, you will be logged off your accounts and the extensions will be disabled. Your bookmarks won’t be removed, but you have to save them in case. 


YouTube has grown as a top online entertainment tool now. It gets used by people of all ages for both entertainment and education. It is compatible with Personal Computers, mobile, and smart televisions. The YouTube filters let you narrow down your video search results from a widespread collection and find precise videos. GlobalHunt Technologies helps in finding how the issue of YouTube filters is fixed and explains briefly all the services of YouTube filters.

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