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Dekh rha hai na #office me kya ho rha hai #binod

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Visual Representation of Social Media Marketers while waiting for Facebook AD approval.

Do you find it relatable?
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When someone says save me the only reply from a graphic designer is in PNG or JPG. Tag a #graphicdesigner who can find this relatable.
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Duniya ki sabse badi khushi jab salary aati hai or sabse bada dukh jab daily expenses usse humse door le jati hai 🥲
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You know the drill- Like Share and Save as your social media experts are here!😇Want Result-Driven SMO Services? Connect with us today! Tap on the link below-
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The Ultimate Guide: How to Do Keyword Research For SEO

What is Keyword Research? The process of learning what and how people search is known as keyword research. Given that it serves as the cornerstone upon which all of your other strategies will be built. It is a crucial component in any digital marketing strategy. You may already be aware that Google and other search … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide: How to Do Keyword Research For SEO”

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What is PPC? The most popular pay-per-click platforms are search engines like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, etc. To be displayed in these engines’ adverts, search results, or product listings, advertisers must place bids on keywords related to their target market. To handle each of these services you can use a PPC pricing model. … Continue reading “Grow Online Business With PPC Marketing”

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Points that affects Google Rank of Your Website

Digital marketing strategy India is used to promote a product or service on a digital platform like the internet, or mobile phones to influence the customers. Selecting the right marketing strategy is confusing where so many options are available. As Digital marketing strategists in India are widespread, it has become an indispensable part of marketing. … Continue reading “Points that affects Google Rank of Your Website”

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Google’s predictive duplicacy on similar URL structures has spread like a fire. This important revelation speaks how Google considers the same structures as duplicates as told by John Mueller recently. There was a discussion on March 5th where one of the participants, Ruchit Patel, stated that he is engaged in managing an event website, where … Continue reading “Similar URLs May Be Duplicate Pages – Google Crawler Won’t Index Them”

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