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Do you wish to have your Facebook posts seen by a large number of people? Are you seeking effective and innovative approaches to increase the reach of your Facebook posts? 

In this section, you’ll get to know some of the effective ways to increase the reach of your Facebook posts. Both organic and paid ones. 

Effective Ways to Increase the Reach of Organic Facebook Posts 

By publishing content that captivates your audience and leads more interactions, you are able to inform the Facebook algorithm to show and present your content to a large number of people. Let’s see some of the effective ways of increasing the reach of your organic posts or content. 

  • Aim for engagement 

In the current scenario with the presence of several entertainment platforms as well as social media channels. Like Facebook has plenty of competition. For this reason, the algorithm gets ready to have the users keep on scrolling and staying on the platform for as much time as possible. Therefore, the platform is unlikely to present content with less engagement and presumably give priority to posts with higher engagement. 

So what’s the optimal approach to have your audience have interaction or engagement with your content?

Create bold statements: It is not required for all posts to be attention-grabbing. However, at the time you are sharing your organization’s distinctive style. You can make the difference by asking or attracting the encouragement of your audience. 

Ask questions: You can ask questions in your posts to your followers to get their opinions in order to build a community and conduct marketing research at the same time revealing to your audience how much you consider and appreciate their participation. 

Moreover, you must respond to the comments that your content obtains. Through responses, you can show that your business loves the comments and opinions of your audience. 

  • Create and post videos 

It is not required to depend only upon one style of marketing. In Facebook marketing, the kind of creativity you utilize can even influence the amount of reach and engagement. 

For several years, native video has been acknowledged with the greatest engagement level on the platform. Moreover, consumers have a preference for video content on all social media platforms. In order to carry on, the platform keeps on introducing novel video tools.  It indicates you have several options to create greatly performing content on the platform. 

Let’s see some of the ways to utilize the platform’s native video tools:

Reels (On Facebook): Short videos that are one minute long, enabling you to create small-sized content for entertaining or informing the audience. 

Live (On Facebook): Facebook Live videos enable you to connect more realistically, drawing higher engagement.


 Video (On Facebook): Already recorded video content of a maximum duration of 4 hours, provides you sufficient amount of time to provide information about your business and products. 

  • Consider using user-generated content in the posts 

In several instances, the image and video content been created and posted can obtain the desired reach and visibility. However, in case, your content is not having the desired impact as you had anticipated. You can think about including user-generated content (UGC). 

That is due to the reason that UGC stems from fans and customers instead of your staff or team, it has the tendency to have a highly authentic attraction in comparison to the branded content. This can lead to more engagement and enhanced reach for your page. 

For identifying and sharing UGC, check out your branded hashtags on Instagram or your organizations’ citations on the platform. Associate with the original creator to obtain permission for reposting their work and acknowledge or mention them within the caption at the time you share.  

For obtaining higher engagement, write captivating captions. Putting forward questions and creating bold statements can facilitate your posts in getting more comments from customers. It can lead to higher organic reach. 

  • Take part in a joint promotion 

In case your Facebook page’s follower count is comparatively less, it is possible to try hard to increase organic reach quickly, particularly in case you are on your own. At the time you wish to speed up your page growth, building partnerships can facilitate you in getting to a higher audience. 

For instance, influencer associations allow you to place your brand in front of a large number of people. Due to recommendation or support from an influential personality in your domain. As influencer associations generally last for a longer duration (months or years), that can expand your reach for a longer duration. 

Brand associations allow you to associate and work with corresponding companies. It can help for promoting your products jointly and developing your brands concurrently. By having joint or co-branded promotions or contests, you can draw considerable engagement the same time reaching a large audience. 

Effective Ways to Boost Paid Facebook Reach 

Through an advertising budget, it is possible for you to get to a comparatively larger customer base on the platform comprising individuals who are not followers of your page. Here are some strategies that individuals can use to increase the reach of their Facebook ads

  • Focus on Consumers who have basic features like your target audience  

To obtain the most advantageous outcomes from a Facebook ad campaign, you may wish to carry out remarketing to present customers or present ads to people who suit your customer personality.

Including a lookalike audience in the ad, a set can facilitate you in getting to a large number of people and enhance delivery. This is capable of decreasing your cost per result. In order to construct the highly efficient lookalike, utilize a source of data that is quite similar or related to your target audience.     

Thereafter, begin by forming a 1 per cent lookalike, which is highly close to or related to your data source. In case you obtain good outcomes, you can make a new ad set. Also, you can try it out with a 2 to 3 per cent lookalike audience to increase reach additionally. 

Create lookalike audience


  • Activate Reduce Auction Overlap 

When you create a large number of ad sets, it turns more probable that you are going to advertise to a coinciding or overlapping audience. This can affect the reach of your campaigns and lead your ad sets to contest against one another. 

At the time active audiences coincide or overlap, you might get a notification in Ads Manager having guidelines for fixing the issue.  However, there is no point for awaiting or spending resources on ineffective ad delivery. 

Rather, you can set up an automated rule. To do this, in Ads Manager, click on the Rules button present on the main dashboard. Select Reduce Auction Overlap and then choose which action you wish Ads Manager to implement. For instance, you can switch off the least-performing ad sets or turn off some ad sets and reassign the budget. 

Create Overlap Auction

  • Arrange Prioritized Events to Enhance Facebook Ad Delivery 

It is important to arrange conversion events in case you want your potential customers to complete actions on your website or in your app. Not utilizing prioritized events can considerably affect your reach.  

For accessing Aggregated Event Measurement, utilize Facebook Events Manager to arrange important events. Ensure to order or prioritize events in the sequence or order that is meaningful for your advertising objectives. For instance, purchases are possibly highly significant for tracking in comparison to adds to the cart and the two of them are possibly greater priorities in comparison to web content views. 

After you have configured conversion events, you can utilize them to improve ad delivery for various campaign purposes. This indicates you can get to a large number of people who are probable of taking the action that you wish, which can augment your campaign outcomes. 

In order to improve for a conversion event, make a campaign having a well-matched purpose for example conversions. Select a conversion event, at the ad set level, from the list. 

Although your final objective is leads or sales, you could be capable of increasing the reach by choosing a low priority event. For example, content views or adds to cart. Trying out 2 distinct improvement or optimization options can be considered to know which provides the optimal symmetry between conversions and reach. 

  • Switch Ads Off In Automated Way At the Time Reach Goes Below a Specific Limit

It is not required to track the campaigns all day long to improve reach. Rather, you can create automated rules to regulate campaigns or inform you about performance-related issues. 

That can be done by going into Ads Manager and clicking on the Rules button and then creating a custom rule. Utilize the Conditions drop-down menu to choose to Reach as the major criterion or metric. 

Bottom Line – Implement the above suggestions 

In case you wish to enhance the reach instantly or progressively, there are several strategies to try out for organic and paid posts. By including the above suggestions into your Facebook marketing strategy and utilizing the incorporated in-built analytics to measure results. You can get to a large number of customers and develop your business effectively. You can hire specialists from GlobalHunt Technologies, for this reason, we provide the best social media marketing services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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