Know The Best Way to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Engage and Convert Users

According to Facebook, there were 2.89 billion active users in the second quarter of 2021. With nearly 3 million users on the platform, small businesses have the opportunity to capture the attention of large audiences with paid Facebook ads.

Facebook Carousel Ads are a type of ad that converts images and videos into dynamic touchpoints between your business and your prospective customers when done correctly.

However, one question that might be pestering you is, are Facebook Carousel Ads right for every business? If executed by an amateur, can they have a negative impact on your business? Will they augment business ROI? In this blog post, we will give you a walkthrough of these prominent considerations. We will also demonstrate how to set up a Facebook Carousel Ad followed by examples. So, remain hooked to this blog post.

Now, let’s get started. There might be a volley of questions popping up in your mind, and a few of them are outlined below.

Facebook Carousel Ads – what are they?

Carousel Ads on Facebook are a sort of dynamic, interactive ad that allows marketers to display between two and ten images or videos (with links) in one ad spot. Users on mobile platforms can swipe through the ad’s slides, while users on desktop platforms can simply click left or right to browse through the ad. Users will have a genuine and identical experience navigating through a Facebook or Instagram story feed when they see these ads.

Carousel Ads also display in a variety of places across the Facebook platform, including (but not limited to) the main Facebook feed, Audience Network, Stories, and Messenger, offering businesses more visibility and coverage.

fb carousel Ads

Should you invest in Facebook Carousel Ads for your business?

Your brand’s inbound marketing strategy can be enhanced by Facebook Carousel Ads. Before you decide to invest in these types of paid advertising, you should ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • Are you able to generate an advertisement that converts prospects into clients?
  • According to the stats from 2021, the average cost-per-click for Facebook ads (in most industries) was between $0.50 and $2.00.
  • Can you benefit from a Carousel Ad in your marketing strategy? If yes then why?
  • Are you familiar with your target audience and the problem (or problems) they are trying to solve?
  • Do you have good-quality images and videos of your business products/ services?

How to set up Facebook Carousel Ads that draw eyeballs?

Creating a Carousel Ad on Facebook can be quite intimidating, especially if you are new to Facebook advertising. Fortunately, Facebook has simplified the process of creating a Carousel Ad. In fact, you can start afresh right from your business page.

  • On your business page, click “Promote” (located in the top right corner)
  • Step 2. Choose “Create New Ad”
  • Step 3. Hit “Select Media” on the Ads screen that displays, and then upload the number of files including images and videos that you wish to feature.
  • Step 4. You can begin adding your images and titles for those images once you’ve determined the necessary number of slides.
  • Step 5. Complete the ad by filling in the appropriate areas with your target demographic, budget, and time frame.
  • Step 6. Your Carousel Ad will be live once you click “Promote.”

 Here Are A Few Copper-Bottomed Tips And Best Practice

To make the most of your investment, you need to create ads that continue to drive visitors to your business page. Here are a few tips from the Facebook Business Center.

Here are a few Facebook Carousel Ad Specs & Dimensions

  • Pixel dimensions must be at least 1080×1080
  • 1:1 image/video ratio
  • For carousel ads, at least 600 pixels should be displayed wide and high (traditional ads).
  • 30 MB for images; 4 GB for videos
  • Video length should be a maximum of 240 minutes

Know When Carousel Ad May Not Be Helpful For Your Business 

A Facebook Carousel Ad is ideal for most businesses due to its spacious design and wide application across Facebook. Some Carousel Ads, however, can be a waste of resources. Before you buy ad space, consider the following:

  • If you can use a compelling single-image ad to successfully attract customers, why would you need to pay more for additional ad space?
  • Do you know who your target audience is and what their concerns are?
  • Are you fully optimizing your business’s Facebook page? If visitors from Carousel Ads don’t find the information they need, they may click away and go elsewhere to spend their money.
  • Do you have had hired someone for managing any comments posted on your business’s Facebook page?

Try to make your message LOUD and CLEAR

One of the few drawbacks of Facebook Carousel Ads is the risk of inadvertently sending a muddled or confused message. With so many ad sliders at your disposal, it’s easy to offend visitors inadvertently through confusing images or muddled content.

If you’re not certain about whether or not Carousel Ad is ready for prime time, don’t despair we’ve included a few ads samples to show you what a clear ad message looks like.

Demonstrate your product with Visual Space

You can use one image slide to visually demonstrate your product, or create a video demonstration of your product. Ads have a limit of 125 characters for text and 20 characters for description links.

Use High Definition Video

You should aim to post high-quality videos because grainy videos look unattractive. Carousel Ads are meant to grab users’ attention and keep them entertained with your business content.

Try To Feature Best-Selling Services and Products First

In addition to making sure your most popular products are in the forefront, you should also position your most show-stopping slides at the front of the ad if there’s any chance that your audience won’t scroll past your first two slides.

 How to figure out that your Facebook Carousel Ad is successful?

Right in Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can see how your Carousel Ads are performing. You can even run custom reports to find out exactly what information you need.

Browse to the Ads Manager

Hit Columns that appear in the dropdown menu

Now, select “Carousel Engagement”

To check the results:

Tap on “Breakdown”

Tap on “By Action”

Select “Carousel Card”

Navigate to Ads Reporting to see the results in another way. Select Metrics from the Customize Pivot Sidebar menu. You’ll be able to get a breakdown of the outcomes of your advertisement.

Below We have Outlined Excellent Facebook Carousel Ads Examples


Nike’s ad for the Flyknit shoes shows several things right. The text is short and informative; the photographs show off the sneakers on a subtle background, and the ad has multiple slides showing the shoes from different angles.

It’s brilliant to offer customers a 360-degree view of a product at the onset of their shopping journey in an age where returns and exchanges of online clothing have become a major headache for customers and retailers alike. This practice allows in mitigating unnecessary returns helping both customers and retailers.

Nike Fb Ad Carousel


As you can see in this example, Cultiver’s ad is visually pleasing, but what’s more impressive is that they highlight key features of their product without using a lot of text.

Purple Carrot

With meal delivery services, busy professionals are too busy to prepare meals from scratch during the week. The Purple Carrot ad shows the advantage of knowing your audience well. You do not have to fill the ad image with a lot of text to explain what you do. If you know your audience well then, you can direct your message accordingly.

Purple Carrot


To promote your business in the market Facebook Carousel Ads can be a game-changer. The only condition is that these ads should entice your audience and prove rewarding for them. To make ads a huge success you must also follow the right advertising practice. After reading this blog post if you are confirming that you would like to promote your business using Carousel Ads then binge-read these key tips.

  • Companies that sell a lot of products can take advantage of the ample advertising space provided by the feature.
  • The Carousel Ad feature can elevate a well-designed product marketing campaign.
  • Businesses need to implement a smart marketing strategy otherwise these ads can provide confusing messages to the audience.

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