How to Optimize Best Results from Facebook Lead Form Ads

Without a question, Facebook lead advertising makes the process of generating leads simple. It is an extremely useful generation tool that is critical in offering value to the people. So, if you’re looking for high-quality leads from Facebook, this article is for you. You’ll discover how to optimize your lead advertising so that they generate leads and conversions.

Take a run through these easy-to-follow tips on how to optimize your Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns and augment your business lead conversion rate. So, without further ado scroll down and delve into the information provided in this blog post.  

  • Make a New Lead Form on Facebook

Lead forms on Facebook are a quick and easy way for people to sign up as leads. Rather than having a landing page that directs users away from Facebook and to your website, the procedure takes place fully on Facebook.

If your website or funnel isn’t optimized for speed, the process of bringing customers to a homepage from Facebook can be difficult. It may take longer than the average individual is willing to wait for it to load. The sign-up process is simple and quick with a Facebook lead form.

Create a New Facebook Lead Form

  • Create a Facebook Lead Form

People who have used Facebook lead form advertising frequently claim that the leads are of inferior quality or that they are unable to contact the lead afterwards. Here’s how to set up your lead form so you can interact with qualified leads.

Select the Most Appropriate Lead Form

There are two sorts of Facebook lead forms available. More Volume is the first option, and it is the default. When it comes to creating a lead form, this is the most common option. However, if you merely go with the default, you can be making the wrong decision for your company.

Signing up for the More Volume option is basically a two-click operation, allowing a large number of lower-quality leads to come through.

Choose the Right Lead Form Type

Insert an image and text in the background

Start with the background image in the Intro section. You will see this as the top image. Depending on where people click, you can either use the image from your Facebook ad or upload an image that will show up on all of your ads. The image from your Facebook ad serves as a good reminder of why people are signing up in this example.

We now move on to the greetings section. You can add a headline of up to 60 characters here, along with one or more paragraphs of description. It’s important to keep in mind that your Facebook form ultimately replaces a landing page with its own headline, opening paragraph, and CTA, so you’ll need to incorporate them into your Facebook form as well.

Add a Background Image and Text

Use Facebook Lead Forms to add questions

The next section provides instructions for adding questions to your lead form. Facebook will automatically fill in the standard fields—name, email, and phone number. People tend to skim over this information, even though it creates a seamless signup experience.

There is a higher chance of the email field being incorrect than the phone number field. The email address does not change nearly as frequently as the phone number. Facebook marketing prompts people to connect their phone numbers as a safety measure.

If you include a phone number field on your form, you will be able to send text messages to your leads. Since email addresses tend to be inaccurate, you should primarily communicate with leads via text messages and phone calls.

Add Questions to Your Facebook Lead Form

Click here to access your privacy policy

Move on to the Privacy Policy section after you’ve added questions to your form. If you want to follow up with new leads through text message, you’ll need a privacy program in place that covers your company and offers you the lead’s consent. In the Link section, include a link to your website’s privacy notice.

Include a call to action (CTA)

The final segment serves as a checkpoint. You’ll see fields for adding a new headline and description, a CTA button, CTA text, and an additional option based on the CTA.

This is where most of the marketers fall flat. They may say something unrelated to moving this lead to the next stage, such as “Visit our website to learn more.” WAIT! is the statement we’re going to use in this case. You haven’t finished yet! To schedule, simply click the icon below. I also enjoy using emoticons because they are unique and catch people’s attention.

Tell them why there’s another step in the description, depending on what you’re asking them to opt into. You don’t need to give a ton of details at this point – what matter is that they click the button.

 So, stop pitching Log-on today or visit our website instead pitch “CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE or CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE.”

Add a CTA

  • Audit and publish Facebook Lead Ads Form

You will not be able to edit your Facebook lead form after you’ve published it. After you’ve completed your Facebook lead form, double-check the options and links you’ve added. If you duplicate the existing form, it will be a completely separate form. Duplicating an existing form adds steps and makes it more likely you’ll make a mistake and no leads will be generated.

If you are looking to reach people who speak different languages, you can set the language for your form here. You can also set tracking parameters here if you have more than one form.

If your form is restricted, you can change it to open, so anybody can see it. If it is restricted, the only people who know about it are those who clicked on your ad. You can also change the field names, but it isn’t likely that you will need to.

Once you have finished editing your form and are ready to publish it, click Publish. Your new form will appear in your forms library and will be able to be used in Facebook ads.

  • Make use of Facebook Lead Form in an Advertisement

If you publish your form and select Lead Generation as the only objective for your Facebook ad, it will automatically display Facebook lead forms.

Facebook will not automatically notify you when you get leads if you launch a lead ad campaign and begin generating leads. Your CRM can be linked to Facebook in the Leads Setup section of your Publishing Tools so that you are automatically notified of new leads.

Your CRM can also be integrated with a platform like Zapier, or you can set it up directly through a program that is directly connected to lead forms.

Use Your Facebook Lead Form in an Ad


Optimizing your Facebook forms is critical for generating high-quality leads and, eventually, sales for your company. To pre-qualify your leads, make absolutely sure you use the suitable Facebook lead form type, also include ideal pre-fill inquiries, and add relevant custom questions.  A solid Facebook form is required to generate quality leads and, as a result, sales. You can hire specialists from GlobalHunt Technologies, for this reason, we have prior experience optimizing lead forms and performing everything correctly. We provide the best social media marketing services. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today without further ado. 

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