Your Complete Guide to Testing the Facebook Ad Creative For Better Sales

Are you also wondering why your Facebook ads aren’t generating maximum ROI? Looking for an effective way to drive more sales through Facebook ads. Thinking about whether improving the creative could make all the difference to your precious ads or not. If you are not sure how to test your Facebook ad creative to efficiently scale your results and thus find ways to increase sales. Then have a look at the below blog and find out your complete guide to testing the Facebook ad creative effectively.

Are Facebook ads still relevant in a Post-COVID World?

The covid-19 pandemic resulted in recent privacy changes, especially across the web and devices. Which in turn made it almost impossible for digital marketers and businesses to effectively track the progress of their ad campaigns. Well, with so much going on, the question arises whether or not Facebook ads are still relevant. The simple answer to this question is a huge yes.

Facebook is now being used more than ever. And ever since the pandemic has forced people to stay at home and remain isolated. Facebook has been one of the only mediums with which people connected with their loved ones and interacted socially. As the world is starting to move back to its normal pace and ad spending is back to pre-COVID patterns. Still, many people are spending much of their productive time on Facebook. And since there is high demand for advertisers to get their ads into a userโ€™s news feed mounts with the help of either organic marketing or paid advertising. The possibility of the price going up is quite high. Hence as a successful marketer, your should also divert your attention to getting the maximum return on your ad spends.

If you are a small business owner struggling to find your niche in the target market, then you should continue to invest in Facebook marketing. By posting your ads on Facebook and getting them in front of your potential customers. Thus spreading awareness of your brand by presenting your ad on a larger platform and making it easier for users to find your product or service.

Why do Facebook ads need the right testing strategy?

Since the recent changes to Facebook ads’ privacy policies and tracking laws, many businesses are starting to wonder whether or not they will benefit from investing in Facebook ads this late. There’s a saying for early adopters in Facebook marketing. Facebook ads generally don’t tend to favor those who enter early in the game. The businesses that tend to gain success are those that know how to best test their ad creatives. And build their marketing strategy with complete patience. Too often marketers are ready to post their ad without checking or testing its efficiency and authenticity. This way it becomes difficult for the Facebook algorithm to find out the optimal placement and target audience for your ad.

If you are still confused about how to start the process of testing your Facebook ad creative. Then have a look at the following points and get started right away.

1- Make sure your ad is relevant to your target audience

If you are finding it difficult to analyze whether or not you are not spending extra money and that your ad spend is optimized. Then start with the right offer, understand first what your potential customers are looking for. And then make sure your website or landing page is optimized for maximum conversion. Try to solve your audience’s problems and deliver them what they seek most. Only having an amazing ad and the right delivery won’t necessarily help you gain more sales. What you need to make sure of is the fact that your ad is relevant and also has an optimized landing page of value. Finally, optimize your Facebook ad creative to increase the strength of people visiting your landing page.

2- Know how much to spend on Facebook Ad testing

While testing is generally done to analyze the overall performance of which ad creative is performing best and to gather data not drive results. If you facing issues trying to build a budget for your test campaigns, then it’s often best to multiply your cost per lead and dividing it by 7. For the Facebook algorithm to level up your ad campaign and make it all ready for posting, it needs approximately 50 conversions. Though the best way is to know your ad spend is to completely split up your daily ads budget into more ad sets at a smaller budget each.

How Much to Spend on Facebook Ad Testing

3- Don’t Forget to Set Up Your Facebook Ad Creative Tests

If you are aware of the aspects of social media marketing, then you might also know that Facebook takes almost a week to confirm your ad placements and display them in front of your target consumers. So for Facebook to deliver your ads optimally, you must give it enough time to gather the overall data and optimize your ads efficiently. Also, keep in mind to start as early in the day as possible to start testing ad campaigns especially if you don’t want your daily entire budget to get spend within the afternoon only.

Slowly building the ad testing and staying patient while your ad runs. It will only help make sure that the Facebook algorithm optimizes your ad before the weekday routine ends. Start with testing the ad format, then go for the visual components. And finally tests your ad copy in the final CTA. This way your ads can drive more conversions. And more and more potential audiences will be knowing about your top-notch services and products.

4- Scale Your Facebook Ads with the best visual format and best copy

Once you know which one of your Facebook ads is on the winning list. Start scaling it for growing your potential audience. Expanding your audience also comes with the responsibility of self-assuming their interests. And most importantly the needs of target customers depending on your market niche. After you complete your Facebook ad testing and optimize your Facebook ads delivery. You won’t any longer have to worry about retesting your ad for every possible audience.

Test the Visual Component

But as audiences evolve, and their interests and wants are constantly changing. The testing process never actually ends, it keeps on starting over every time you have a new Facebook-winning ad. And the effectiveness and success of your ads start to change deliberately. To deal with this issue, you need to make sure that the ad you are investing in stays optimized. For optimum performance, and also enhanced for minimum spending, and the highest returns. If you are on the lookout for professional digital marketers or expert social media managers. Who can help you with your Facebook ad testing and deliver your company maximum sales opportunities? Then GlobalHunt Technologies can be your best digital partner.

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