Digital Marketing – A Step By Step Guide To Marketing In Today’s Digital World

There is no doubt that we live in the digital world and from this point of view; significantly, our business has magnificent charisma in the digital space. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that helps in optimizing the business potential. Therefore, going digital is the buzz in the world of business development and branding. So, what is digital marketing and how we can use this latest advertising tool to grow the business?

A Brief Introduction To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the broad term that includes promoting, advertising, and reinforcing the online existence of businesses through digital platforms. The digital tactics that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing are online digital marketing and offline digital marketing. If you are wondering about what is digital marketing then it is a kind of business promotion done using digital channels. The digital channels are a mobile application, social media, radio, website, television, search engine, email, and even the forms of traditionally non-digital media such as transit sign and billboards.

Any marketing that is delivered electronically is also considered as digital marketing. Digital marketing is slightly different from of person to person marketing, direct marketing, and print media. But, today, even the direct mails, print ads, print directories, posters, and billboards all started to connect with their digital counterparts. With things like QR codes, URL landing pages, online directories, web banner advertising, traditional marketing, and advertising; they all have some kind of digital marketing connection. This is why it would be not wrong to say that marketing done through any digital media is known as the digital market.


There are two pillars of digital marketing – online marketing and offline marketing. Online digital marketing is further sub-divided into seven big categories and offline digital marketing is sub-classified into 4 categories. All these categories are strategized to carve a path that leads to the success of your business over both the internet or the intranet and also helps in increasing revenue pools of your business. GlobalHunt Technologies – as a premier digital marketing agency in India believes that digital marketing as all the power to boost your business growth and sale so all the digital marketing services are worth every penny. No matter, what is the size of your business either small or big; we can effectively market your business services and product through affordable digital channels.

If going digital is your dream, there are two types of internet marketing that you can choose to rule the internet world. One by one we will discuss both the categories of digital marketing have a glance at some common types.

Online Marketing

It is a type of internet marketing where the expert uses some defined protocols and methodologies to promote your business products and services through the internet. It makes use of the wider and extensive range of marketing elements that completely differ from traditional business marketing. This happens because of the availability of some more channels and marketing mechanisms available online.

Here are a few terms to know:
  • Business potential growth
  • Control extra expenses
  • Better control
  • Elegant communication
  • Improved customer service
  • Competitive benefits

These are some benefits of availing online marketing and there are many more. The types of marketing also leverage business owner and customer relationship. Online marketing is sub-divided into seven different categories

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In layman’s language, SEO is a kind of digital marketing, which focuses on organic visibility on SERPs. This is a common concept that most of the people have that SEO service is only related to make your business website presence better for the search engine. Yes, it helps your website to score top rank on the search engine but is also helpful in doing the easy and best research work for the people by providing them the relevant result. Google loves the website that provides rewarding results to its audience. Google keeps on updating its algorithm according to the market needs. With regular updates by Google, it tries to filter out those websites that are not rewarding and user-friendly. In the nutshell, Google tries to slander the rank of the website that does not deserve to be on the top of the search Engine Result Pages. If you want to be on top searches then follow the SEO strategy updated by Google. SEO is one of the affordable and effective strategies that will bring organic traffic to your business website.

SEO Is Sub-Classified Into On-Page And Off-Page SEO
  • On-page SEO: This service follows the protocol that allows the search engine to crawl your website for better ranking. Here a unique and impressive content is promoted on hundreds of websites to attract the potential customer. Not only on-page SEO helps to score the good rank in SERPs, but also includes Meta Tag, Adding Images, Meta Tag, changing the Title, changing the Title, etc. are the part of On-site or On-page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO: Its prime focus is on all the factors that are performed off-site such as Blog Submission and Article, Bookmarking, Online Directory, Link Building, etc. All these techniques if performed correctly will for sure give you the great result and help the business to earn great profit.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a comprehensive and effective strategy that helps in growing your business and drives more organic traffic to your website. It also aids in improving your online market presence in the competitive market. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, the competition is too high among the businesses so to keep your business stay ahead of the competition it is significant to advertise online, and Search Engine Marketing is the best way to advertise or promote your business. The effective SEM service will help in increasing your business sales and popularity in the digital world. It is a paid service, which is why it is sometimes also known as Paid Search Marketing. There is no space for the doubt that the SEM domain is quite challenging to make and it is diverse too. Based on your business structure, you can choose Pay per Click (PPC) or Cost Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) or Cost per Click (CPC), Bing ads (Yahoo), and Google Adwords (Google) all these are latest and most popular platforms for SEM.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing uses social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. as digital platforms of advertising your business websites and bringing traffic towards your business. The main goal of the SMM is to connect with the user, engage them, elate brand visibility, and also to get in touch with more and more customers. The business with the active Social Media Presence can expand its business reach, which as a result will build their reputation and brand image. To increase customer engagement by commenting on the post and reverting the comments that the audience has posted on a business website or keep an eye on business followers' comments; you need to learn social media marketing tactics. So, SMM service is worth valued for its dimes.

4. Mobile Marketing

The frequent use of smartphones in daily life has created the requirement of marketing. The marketing is done using mobile phones as the digital media is known as mobile marketing and it would definitely give a huge exposure to your business as smartphones have become an essential part of people’s life. Based on the requirement, mobile marketing can be done in multiple ways and some of them are as follows SMS, App-Based marketing, Mobile Search Ads, In-Game Mobile Marketing, and Mobile Image ads.

5. Email Marketing

This is one of the most common online marketing methods which is worthwhile to grab audience attention. The benefits of email marketing are it aids in enhancing business communication, eco-friendly, and budget-effective. By this method, the bulk messages or emails can be sent to the group of people by using the internet. Email marketing and SMS marketing are based on the same digital marketing principle and these marketing methods efficiently connect you with your target audience while branding your business. By using cost-effective email marketing you can easily reach out to your target audience without investing much of your time and money.

6. Content marketing

There is no room for doubt that any digital marketing is incomplete without relevant and informative content. Content is known as the king in SEO marketing which is the biggest earning platform for the search engines. Even after the consistent change in Google's algorithms like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird update, the out-of-the-box content requirement is still the most significant metric when we measure search engine results. Content writing is of many types like article writing, blog writing, newsletter writing, brochure, banners, creative writing, infographics, image, videos, and social media content. The writer will write the eye-catchy and engaging content on the topics that are related to your business and then dexterously link it to your business directly or indirectly. Make sure that the content should be search engine optimized and written in the professional language. If you are not sure about effective content writing it is better to leave certain things in the hands of professionals. The content marketing agency will not only write the unique and plagiarized-free content but also create your brand awareness by promoting it on digital media to drive in the traffic, which in turn converts to your customers.

7. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

It is another type of online marketing also known as the paid search. These paid ads keep your business visibility on the top of the Search Engine Result Page and the costs of every keyword depend upon the competitiveness of the keyword you are bidding on. The common benefits of Pay Per Click marketing are:

Here are a few terms to know:
  • Maintain your business visibility according to your chosen target area
  • Help you to secure top position on SERPs
  • Bring traffic to your website and also improve your conversion rate
  • It makes you ready for the Internet Of Things (IoT)
  • So, these are seven online marketing tactics that help your business to embark on the new heights and provide you the outcomes that are beyond your expectations.

Digital Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can also help your business website to get the genuine leads that are easy to convert. There are multiple offline activities in which you can indulge in the market your business product and services. You can also establish your goodwill and reach a large group of people in the market by using offline digital marketing. Some offline marketing activities are placing the business ad on newspaper, hoarding, billboards, Magazine Ads, Voice broadcasting, and placing the advertisement in the business directories. The offline promotion is way too straight forward and you never know that billboard of your business can bring you more leads every day.

The Major Benefits Of digital Offline Marketing Are As Follows

Here are a few terms to know:
  • Create a unique and impressive exhibition stands
  • Help in winning the loyal customer, build-up customer relation
  • Makes your business impact in a crowded space
  • Various service distribution methods
  • Offline marketing also contribute to making your strong online presence

Digital offline marketing has 4 categories: enhance offline marketing, radio marketing, television marketing, and phone marketing. Scroll down to learn about each one of them

1. Enhance Offline Marketing

It is a completely different type of digital offline market where the businesses can market their products and services and enhance the user experience by providing them an electronic device to access the services. Let’s take an example of a restaurant to explain the above line, if the restaurant is providing an iPad to the clients to place an order then the customer can place the order and can also check out the hot deals and other complimentary offers.

2. Radio Marketing

Listening to the radio has not been obsolete, even people while driving the car change radio channel to find the right music track. Radio marketing is also very effective and its conversion rate is also high. Being an advertiser you have to pay for the commercial ads that will be broadcasted between the short breaks of your favorite show. You need to find the radio channel that is tuned more so that you can advertise your business ads on the popular radio channel to gain listeners' attention. If you are interested in this type of offline digital marketing you have to pay the radio stations for the airtime and in exchange radio station will broadcast your business ad to the huge audience.

3. Television Marketing

Just like the advertisers pay for the commercials you hear on the radio during your favorite RJ show, some advertisers choose to concentrate their marketing dollars on television ads to promote their business services and products. Television marketing is very effective but a little costly than radio marketing. Its conversion rate is very high because your audience can see the usefulness of the product that you are promotion using TV as the electronic media. To reap the benefits of television marketing you have to buy ads that will be broadcasted on the top surfed channel. This service is worth every penny.

4. Phone Marketing

As the name suggests phone marketing is a business advertisement done using the phone such as text messages, cold callings, sending multi-media messages using mobile phones, and much more. Here the mobile is the medium that connects the business owners with the end consumer. The boom of online marketing is so influencing that it quickly became a big piece of the marketing pie for both offline and online marketers. Today, with the invention of the technology mobile marketing brings to the table and help the business to achieve its objectives efficiently. Big thanks to the technocrats who are inventing many new features in the mobile phones such as mobile Apps, broadcast to all, and more; that allow you to advertise your business at a lower cost. Smartphone concept has poised to explode to a certain level that will unsurpass like never before. So, if you are thinking to advertise your business products and services without breaking your bank then make your target audience list, market your product and make more money using phone marketing tactics.


Our company as a leading digital marketing agency has many channels and strategies to promote your business online that aids you reach your audience. However, it is true that in the digital age online digital marketing has obsolete offline marketing but a combination of both can help you lead towards new heights and serve your business objectives better. If you are searching for the digital marketing agency that can provide you trusted online branding solution then we are your one-stop destination. Our dexterous team will not only help you in achieving a high ROI but they can also make the helluva task look like pieces of cake. We have the right team for the right job who will strategize and execute to deliver the best. To achieve a huge leap in business growth and success, it is recommended to opt for professional digital marketing services.

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