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Social media marketing

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3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

Page Setup
Update bio information and include call to action
Background Photo Creation
Cover Photo Creation
Regular Tweets
Creation of Hashtags
Respond to direct messages
Relevant followers acknowledgement & mentions
Influencers Tracking
for our products/services
Participation in trending hashtags
Extensive hashtag research
Tracking people from the Target audience searching for our products/services
Monitoring the growth through twitter analytics
Infographics Creation
Running Promoted Hastags

Page Setup
Background Photo Creation
Posting/updates Regularly
Creation of Hashtags
Participation in conversations of active communities
Interacting with the community members

Adding relevant audience to circles
Infographics Creation

Page Setup
Background Photo Creation
Update Company Profile Detail
Posting/updates Regularly
Creating showcase pages
Networking with the relevent companies
Participation in target audience specific groups
Influencer Tracking
Infographics Creation
Ads Management

Blog Setup
Blogs creation – 4 blogs per month
Content Optimization
Blog promotion on social platforms
Ads Management
Infographics Creation

Channel Setup
Content optimization
Designing banners and thumbnails
Tracking and monitoring through creator studio
Putting annotations and cards
Increasing watch time and audience retention
Keyword search analysis for tags
Search friendly title and description
Creating relevant playlist
Engaging with the fan base
Cross channel promotion

Active Presence On Social Media Channels – A Smart Way To Get New Clients

In today’s time, when the competition is tough it is very important to stay active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Our company GlobalHunt Technologies, a leading social media agency India has a capable in-house team of expert who guarantees to generates leads for you through these social media platforms. Social media promotion is, therefore, required to create your brand awareness.

Nowadays, 90% of the people are there on these social media websites, so these social digital channels provide you an opportunity to get in touch with the people of same business niche, which in turn help you to pitch more potential clients. This is the main reason why everyone is interested in doing social media in India for their business.

Why choose us?

  • We not only manage your company’s social media account but also buildup your online reputation.
  • We ensure you to win genuine clicks for your business social media pages.
  • Our affordable SMO packages in India will help you to get enquiries from the targeted city, state or country.
  • We will help you to connect with a reputed online group that can help you to connect with massive crowd that might become your customers in the near future.

So, these are some benefits of choosing us. We will do effective social media promotion that will help your business to get more enquires from the people who trust online market and internet trading. If you are not able to handle your social media account, please feel free to contact us as we have the best SMO packages India at a reasonable price, contact us today.

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