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Affordable SEO Services India – We Build Online Presence Organically

Since the beginning of our inception, we at GlobalHunt Technologies have been the best at providing SEO services to our clients across the US, Indian, Canada and Australia. Our expert team has immersive experience in the field and is dedicated to providing your website maximum visibility and increased ROI. In today’s world of dynamic development of the virtual platform, businesses must work towards strengthening their online presence. This is where SEO services come into play. Having significant and constant digital presence is crucial to acquire potential clients and meeting their needs. If you have worked hard at becoming one of the best in your field, but lack efficient and customized SEO services, then your success is only half done. You are missing out on a golden opportunity to maximize your company’s revenue.

The first step to building your digital presence is to create a website. The next step is to get your website to be featured on the first page of a search engine ranking. Between the creation of your website and it being shown in the first page of a search engine are many steps. All these steps are collectively known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is the way in which your website is found by search engines. The goal is to use “White Hat” or ethical SEO services that help your rankings grow organically. Businesses should avoidthe misleading and deceptive “Black Hat” SEOs.

Choose GlobalHunt Technologies for all your organic SEO services in India and grab the eyeballs of your potential customers. See your website climb steadily to the top of the search engine rankings and the organic growth of traffic, leads and sales. Reach out to our experts at GlobalHunt Technologies, the best SEO services company providing outstanding results to companies worldwide.

Our SEO Services

What makes GlobalHunt Technologies the best SEO services strategists

When you give the responsibility of your website to us, we ensure that a full audit is conducted encompassing the content and keywords. We will also ensure that your website is equipped with all the On Site Parameters such as Title, Headings, URL Structure, Page Speed, Schema and others. Our goal is to ensure that all your SEO services are done properly and your whole website performs highly across all search engines including Google. Choose GlobalHunt Technologies for the best and affordable SEO services in India. Beat the competition, rank higher and maximize your sales today.

Areas of Specialization

We can fulfill all the digital marketing needs for your business.

What makes GlobalHunt’s SEO services the best choice for you

A sign that indicates that your SEO services are outdated is when your rankings begin to drop. The predominant search engine, Google, is constantly updating its search algorithms known as search bots or web crawlers. This is done in order to search for and favor a variety of web content. Irregular updating of SEO strategy can lead you to miss out on good opportunities. GlobalHunt has extensive experience in all aspects of strengthening your digital presence and offers the best SEO services in India at an affordable cost.

For new businesses, improper SEO integration can lead them to become “unfindable” to the search engines. That is why it is required to work with experienced professional who can help formulate long-term SEO strategies that will help you achieve desired results. If you have created a registered domain but are still looking for a page in the top position in Google, we offer you a golden opportunity to build a strong foundation for prosperity and growth. Choose from our range of affordable SEO services packages for the one that fits your requirements the best.

Increased Profiles: The goal for a business is to bring the search engine users into the funnel when they hit the landing page. The landing page should be optimized to create leads by making the searchers turn to curious shoppers. These users will opt in with your invitation.

Higher Sales: The main aim of SEO services is to generate increased sales. At GlobalHunt our experts create greatest awareness in your products and services by boosting your online presence. This in turn leads to increased traffic resulting in higher sales.

Faster Growth: Get you business on the top of first page of search results faster with the help of SEO services from GlobalHunt! Optimized SEO helps increase relevant searches which in tun convert into greater sales opportunities. All this results in faster growth.

Easy CRM Tools: GlobalHunt offers its customers daily updates on the appointed tasks with easy-to-use and hassle-free tools. This helps us build and maintain strong relationships with them.

Performance Tracking: Track the performance of your website with the daily, weekly and monthly updates provided by our sophisticated tracking tools. We also provide you with the strategies for the coming months that help you prepare for the future.

Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is the direct result of searchers. These are not paid ads. Your business will rank in the first page of search results ensuring maximum click-throughs.

Online Visibility: Online recognition is all about making your brand and market presence visible and recognized. This results in the authority of your page to move up over a period of time. It also helps to make your products visible to searchers looking with selected keywords that link to what you offer.

Dedicated Manager for Projects: We provide a dedicated manager for your projects to lend a customized touch to all your digital needs. This ensures improved coordination and seamless communication between both parties.

There are many self-proclaimed “SEO Managers” who promise great results without offering any professional transparency regarding their methods. This practice can not only cost you a lot of money but can also harm your ranking on the results page. Google regularly updates their search process algorithms in order to deliver its users relevant search results instead of irrelevant pages that are buffed up with keywords.

White Hat Techniques: GlobalHunt Technologies is focused on the humans, their queries and to grow your site’s traffic organically to generate leads and sales. We follow all the updated Google guidelines to formulate SEO strategies and optimization.

Technical Parameters: Our experts create URLs which are clear, easy to understand, and most probable to be clicked. We avoid creation of duplicate content in the URL string while adding parameters that help improve the search further.

Design Guidelines: Once the firm foundation is in place, we help you build a strong framework on which you can base your website and formulate the best SEO strategies. Only blogs aren’t your indexable content. It also comprises of everything that is present in your website including backgrounds, fonts, headers and others. A crawlable link is more likely to get indexed than a search bar. Having outdated designs such as links in Flash or Java or iFlash will not make your website bot friendly.

At GlobalHunt Technologies we provide the best affordable SEO services in India in compliance with all updated Google guidelines. We promise to deliver you the best quality services with results that you can see for yourself.

Affordable SEO Services Packages

Choose from affordable SEO Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return

Keywords Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 40 Upto 70 Upto 100
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 30% 45% 55% 70%
SEO Process

Top Class SEO Services – Finest Practices

Checks and Analysis: Review website content for Google penalties, duplicate content, and in-depth analysis of own site and those of top competitors.

On Page Optimization: Our experts help to make your website pages lean and clean. This helps them load faster. We optimize and clean up the HTML, header tags, and links. We also deploy Google analytics and webmaster and generate sitemaps. Specific strategy for Voice SEO services is also available.

Content Marketing: Premium content generates attention to any site. We help increase your digital visibility with the help of best quality videos, blogs, infographic and other kinds of premium content.


SEO services refer to the range of services that help websites rank higher in search engine result pages. These help blogs, videos and other content to rank organically on the search engines. There are different factors that play a major role in improving ranking organically. These include: On Page elements such as Page speed, Meta Tags, inter linking, H1 Tags, Anchor Tags and Off Page elements such as Content writing, link building, content syndication and Guest posting among others.

Depending what support a company is offering SEO services can cost anywhere between $250 to $7000 per month. It depends completely on the parameters they are working on, the specific requirements of the client, promised ROI, and location of the client. It is advisable to get an in-depth understanding of all the cost components to avoid hidden costs. Many times, companies can incorporate add-on costs and other hidden costs when they want to keep the prices competitive. It is best to get a complete understanding of the cost before you sign the contract.

Organic SEO services refer to all methods applied to increase the rankings of a website, blog or other content in Google or other search engines without any fees paid as advertisement to them.

Definitely it does. Organic and ethical SEO can help bring your content in the first results page of search engines. This results in the greater visibility of your business and products, leading in turn to more leads and sales.

Different SEO services providers will charge different rates based on the parameters they provide. Some charges on the basis of revenue generated while other charge on the basis of keywords. It is also dependent on the type of location or keywords that you are targeting. Most companies charge on the number of keywords optimized. Depending on the type of keywords required the approximate fees per 10 keywords optimized can be anywhere between $200 - $750 per month.

Ethical and organic SEO takes at least four to six months to see noticeable difference. Before you get disheartened, you should understand that SEO optimization involves a lot of On Page and Off Page alterations. It also requires volumes of content writing, syndication, link building and all these need to be cached by Google. All this process takes a lot of time and doesn’t start to show measurable difference before at least four to six months.

SEO services usually encompass three important elements. First, Technical Issues which tackle the UI (User Interface). This is important to optimize SEO. It is done by eliminating the technical drawbacks of the website by identification and rectification before the website can be accessed and experienced by the end user. The second step is the On Page elements which involve alterations made to website. These include Meta Tags, Anchor Tags, Inter Linking, H1 Tags, and Web Content Optimization among others. The third crucial element is Off Page Optimization which involves promotion content writing, ethical promotions and link placements, content syndication and other such services.

As a client you will receive a detailed report at the end of each month during your contract. This report will track the organic improvement in ranking and traffic and conversion of goals. The reports are a handy guideline to the clients to quantify the results of SEO services and how Google search engine is recognizing the same.

You need to do plenty of research before finalizing your SEO services provider. Choosing a local agency might seem like a logical solution, but they can be very expensive. However, choosing a less expensive company far away can create hurdles in communication. Simply hiring the top-ranking company may not be an affordable solution either. It is best to create a shortlist of companies and speak to each of them regarding your specific needs. Select the one that best suits your requirements, budgets and business goals.


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