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Instagram Marketing

For a business owner, advertiser, marketer and entrepreneur, Instagram has proven to the most effective digital platforms in today’s highly competitive business environment. It enables all sizes of businesses to share image and do video marketing.

Why today’s businesses rely on Instagram? Let’s go through these amazing and interesting facts.

  • 400+ million Monthly Active Users
  • 68 million Photos Per Day
  • 11750 Likes Per Second
  • 1900 Comments Per Second

What we do for your business on Instagram?

  • Grow a strong following of customers and make your brand and offer seen by them
  • Post the right Instagram images and convince the prospective customers delivering right messages
  • Analyze whom & when to follow the potential Instagram users
  • Convert the passive shoppers into confident customers using the technical knowledge of advertising, branding, and marketing

GlobalHunt Technologies has a team of social media experts that are known for their excellence. Over the past few years, we have helped many businesses grow. Check our portfolios and discover for yourself.

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