Why Email Marketing Dominates 2017

Email is among the oldest way of communication in digital world. It is considered as most economic and easiest way to reach prospects even when a lot of options are available. There are almost 4.9 billion of email accounts and 2.7 billion email users worldwide.

Here is quick guide on how you can harness the power of email for your business

SEO (search engine optimization) of your business cost $7,000 approximately to generate around 2.9 million views every month. On other side, email marketing can generate 82.2K views for your business from 23,000 subscribers, at the cost of $199 per month.

Visitors generated by SEO are not considered as the loyal one, since they visit to your website or blog only if the content ranks on first page of search engines.

Whereas visits from email are almost genuine, usually receipts visit to your blog or website in the response of email received. Increasing traffic from email marketing is far much better than trying to increase traffic from techniques like SEO, Social Marketing or PPC etc.

Email marketing is much easier and cheaper option amongst all. And in case you have good email automation tool, then marketing campaign can be handled easily.

Quick pointers to remember while running email campaigns

Never purchase email list – Don’t be in haste and purchase email list, it’s a bad idea to go with. Self created genuine list are best for email marketing campaigns. Creating an opt-in email subscriber list will surely consume time, but it can drive great results, which is of course good to invest time for.

Consistency – It is very important to have well planned and structured email marketing approach. Many times marketers send 4 emails in a week to recipients while in next two weeks forget to send any. Make your email consistent, sending emails in proper time interval will develop a habit in receipts to read your mails frequently.

Professional delivery server – Always use a professional and reputable delivery server. These servers are given safe passage by span assassins. Using professional server will help you to stay away from spam traps.

How to make it a hit – To make sure your email marketing campaign will be a big hit, build email campaign list by adding the email ids you have, like subscribers or customers who gave their email address for further communication or visitors who entered their email id while accessing some information on your website.

Personalization – Next important thing is personalization, here personalization doesn’t mean sending automatic mails by customizing the recipient’s name on it. The best way to send personalized mail is, sending real-time mails with right content that is relevant for recipient.

Content – Email marketing campaigns must be well written. The content should make decent sense and must be relevant and engaging. It should be short and sweet. Study shows that such emails are big hit and customers feels happy to interact further.

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