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Responsive E-Commerce Design

With more and more people choosing mobile devices for performing each and every task, it is clear that internet surfing is mostly carried out on the smaller screens than the desktop. This includes everything from checking e-mails to making an online purchase. So, you must understand how important it is to have your e-commerce website designed to easily adjust to the mobile devices.

This is where a Responsive E-Commerce Design comes into play. There is a list of factors that make it a necessity for your business to create a responsive website.

Given below are some insights that will make you realize the value of it:

Increased Usage of Mobile Phones

It is found that more than 2/3 of the total world’s population connects via mobile device or a smartphone. Among these active users of mobile, lies more than 50 percent of website traffic. This is because the use of phones is quite conventional. By the percentage of website traffic mentioned, we can draw relevance for a website design. In fact, chances are that mobile devices are more in number than humans, so there is a high probability that an interested person may access your website through a mobile device. However, you have to make sure to deliver the same “package” of information on bigger as well as smaller screens. This will make sure that potential customers are not missing any important information.

Growth in Shopping Practices on Mobile

Among the active mobile users, almost half of the population is indulged in online shopping. A study suggested that in 2017, around 1.7 billion people made an online purchase of goods around the globe; the same source has predicted that this number will increase up to 2.15 billion by the year 2021. It clearly shows that online shopping practice is bound to increase.

Search Engines Approve Responsive Online Stores

As already mentioned, the number of mobile users is rising exponentially and there isn’t any indication for this trend to change. All these users will seek an improved online experience when surfing the internet. For this reason, search engines are critical of approving websites. The ones that offer ease of use and improved readability automatically rank better in search results.

We expect that this information will offer a good insight into the importance of responsive e-commerce design. With the rising number of online shoppers, it will be beneficial to have a responsive website as then you will rank better on popular search engines.

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