How to Create A Social Media App: Step-by-Step Guide

The present time is optimum to begin working on a great app development idea. As the utilization of social media is prevalent, this domain can be selected for the development of a brand new app based on an innovative idea. However, there could be questions that could be present in your mind, like “How to make your own app like Facebook”, “how much time will be needed in the development of a social media app”, “can I develop the social media app on my own” etc. In case you have an interest in creating a social media app, kindly continue to read this section on social media app development. 

Why Social Media Is So Popular?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are quite popular. Social media is quite popular because of the wide range of features offered by social media platforms to users. 

What is a Social Media Platform? 

A social media platform allows users to have entertainment, make friends, communicate with friends, view videos, etc. Also, social media platforms are utilized for marketing. 

Advantages of Creating a Social Media App 

  • Creating an effective social media app based on a new idea 

A secure and effective community space can be created that can facilitate users in having subscribers or followers. An effective functionality can be included in the app.  A new social media app can be developed and introduced that is based on a fresh and innovative idea. 

  • Simple monetization 

On having complete control over the social media platform, advertisements can be well placed all over the app. Adequate and effective placement of ads is not going to affect the user experience and also offers the possibility to generate income. 

Prerequisites of a Social Media App 

Now let’s check out the basic prerequisites of a social media app. 

  • Interaction with users  

That is the major element of an app. Features in user interaction or UI include email, notifications, SMS, posting the content, indications or gestures, animations, etc. 

  • User management

During registration or sign-up of a user of social media platform, it is required to ask for personal details of the user comprises complete name, email address, phone number, etc. 

  • Communication within app 

That comprises the features to include within the app that can be utilized by users for commenting on social media posts, sharing the posts, etc. 

  • Placement of data 

The placement of data on the app must be set correctly. Video, audio as well as text must be presented correctly on the app. 

  • Integration with Data Sources 

Data from different sources can be utilized and displayed through API calls. That is helpful in presenting diversified content as well as enhancing viewership. 

Additional features can be included in the app. A payment option can be included in the app in case the app features premium content such as premium videos, etc for users. 

Step by step guide to creating a social media app

Certain important steps that are mentioned below are required to be explored and followed for creating a social media app. 

A Carefully Planned Approach 

First of all, an innovative and novel idea for social media apps must be discovered and assessed. Study and assess the idea comprehensively to have the optimum approach for a highly competitive market and to examine the requirements. A detailed assessment of the idea must be carried out. Moreover, the requirements of users must be studied and explored. 

Designing the flow of work 

Designing the app is a challenging section of the development process. A designing portion is classified into different sections. 

  • Sketching

It comprises the introductory profile of the application to be developed. Therefore, the step includes studying the features of the app, implementation of the features and practicability of the features.  

  • Wireframing 

Through the application of wireframing platforms, envision the sketch and create the basic structure of the application. 

  • Prototyping 

It is a functional prototype of the app. Moreover, it facilitates in accomplishing the development of the app. We include and edit particular components of the app before the beginning of the development task. 

  • Design the app 

Finish the User Interface as well as User Experience to offer the optimum experience and solutions. 

Development on iOS and Android 

The development of apps on major mobile operating systems is highly important for the success of the app. Therefore, once the prototyping of the app and backend services are known/set utilizing APIs, servers, database, as well as storage settings. Moreover, manual as well as automatic testing cases must be done/set utilizing the modern quality assurance software. Thus, after vast testing as well as the application development process, the app will be shown to the public.

Publishing the app and carrying out marketing 

Promoting the app is highly significant. Several platforms are used for the promotion of the app. In addition, social media apps is useful for the promotion of the app,  also you can use ad campaigns for the promotion of the app. 

Offering customer support and carrying out maintenance of the app 

After the launch of the app, it is highly important to carry out maintenance of the app and offer efficient customer support. Resolve bugs and technical problems efficiently and right away. As a result, regular updates having novel features must be introduced on a regular basis. 

Certain Quantitative Measures Utilized for Evaluation 

Acquisition: CAC and CPI

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)   

It is basically the summation of the entire costs in the entire marketing campaign that have led to attracting a client. That can facilitate getting to know the scaling prospects present ahead.

  • Cost Per Install (CPI)

It tracks the number of installs that happens because of the effectual advertisement. Moreover, the computation comprises dividing the cost comprised by the number of installs. 

  • User Activation 

It is basically the total number of active users separates by the total number of downloads. 

  • User Retention

It comprises the number of users who’re still utilizing the app after a particular time frame. 

  • Traction 

It refers to the market requirements or demand for the product. 

Conclusion – Getting the App Designed and Developed by Professionals 

Social media app development isn’t a simple activity that can be finished within a day or two. You can hire an experienced and professional mobile app development company for the effective development of the mobile app through the reputed company GlobalHunt Technologies. Hiring an experienced and expert mobile app development company is effective and advantageous in having the effectual development of the mobile apps. 

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