Discover How Mobile Apps Helps In Evolving Digital Transformation

Marketing and business development don’t operate the same way they did in the past. Mobile development as a concept has completely changed business trends and scenarios. Brands have gained more visibility in the market and companies have become more accessible to customers due to these changes.

Moreover, the competition in the global digital market is cut-throat so you need to pull up your socks to beat it. Building a mobile app will not only transform your business marketing strategies but it does more. Allow you to keep tabs on the activities of your competitors out there.

In this blog post, you will get to read rewarding information on why building a mobile app is worth in gold? Why the sizeable numbers of organizations are investing in app development? How these have been benefiting organizations? So, remain hooked to it.

Digital Transformation Apps Revamping Businesses In Digital Space, How?

Through digital transformation, businesses can always be visible to potential and existing customers.

By building a brand, apps help businesses become more recognizable among their target audiences.

Especially if the app is consumer-focused, digital transformation apps help businesses stand out.  To increase new customers for businesses, digital transformation apps can act as catalysts.

The above-proven stats signify that why these apps are in exploding demand and they are here to stay. From the past decade, the demand for digital transformation apps has been raised at ground-breaking speed. A plethora of SMEs and newborn organizations are not hesitating to invest their hard-earned money to build digital transformation apps, why? These apps will help them in augmenting their business ROI and enhance their brand awareness, across the globe.

 Some Intriguing Stats To Think Over:

  • A mobile device handles 75% of all internet traffic.
  • 90% of end consumers’ spend time surfing apps.
  • Run time of apps is more than 90 hours each month by 18 to 24-year-olds.
  • Millennials open an app 50 times or more every day, according to 21% of them.
  • Smartphone users have about 80 apps on their phones, with 40 of them being used often.

The above stats divulge that how indispensable it is for the business to splurge in digital transformation app to sail in the new world that is driven by technology.

How Do Digital Transformation Apps Help In Evolving The Transformation?

Communication is, as we all know, the most important aspect of any relationship, and being able to leverage on communicating with present and new consumers in a way that has never been done before is something that most organizations aspire to.

Businesses today don’t let geographical limits stifle their growth thanks to the ability to chat through digital transformation tools. Consumers and potential customers can contact your team from anywhere at any time using mobile apps. This enables firms to respond to customer inquiries in real-time, encouraging them to complete a deal. Businesses must capitalize personalizing, which is the secrete sauce.

The ability to analyze what their customers are doing in real-time with mobile apps allows businesses to send them personalized push notifications, emails, and pop-ups alerting them to the discounts and offers they are eligible for. Businesses can build a bond with their customers by personalizing digital transformation app.

How Do Digital Transformation Apps Help In Evolving The Transformation?

Digital Transformation Apps And AI – A Win-Win Solution

AI was created primarily for smart devices to mimic human behaviour! These AI devices are intelligent and competent in answering a variety of questions from your clients, and they are always learning and developing.

Artificial Intelligence combined with digital transformation software is the solution forward for businesses, and this is load with data. It fastens the process and helps you gain the accuracy you need in your business for deliverables.

Many firms are now using AI to create incredible mobile apps, with technologies like ML, NLP, and Chatbots dominating in the level of security and branding. Another AI function is chatbots, which help handle consumer problems in real-time, increasing the likelihood of your buyer customer making a transaction on your app.

There’s no arguing that AI together with digital transformation software is a strong tool for organizations. And they’re making good use of it to meet their customers’ expectations. That is why AI technology demand is on the high rise in the digital space.

Location-Based Services And Marketing

The Marketing Concept, which we learned in business school, describes the company’s total effort to satisfy customer needs at a profit.

As marketers, we have real challenges integrating location-based services as well as wikis, blogs, social networks, podcasts, etc. with our toolset. Is your company ready for the possibilities of Location-Based Advertising?

“Location-Based Service concept” is viewed from a business perspective as the company’s efforts to turn geographic location data into relevant and valuable information for customers to make a profit.

Like the marketing concept, the location-based service concept has two major components

Get Geographical positioning information: There are several methods to accomplish this. It’s obvious to use a GPS device via a cellular network, IP address mapping, or user input

Earn profit: There are so many companies and developers who forget that putting together a business is ultimately about making a profit. Location-Based Service is an expensive business. Most of the time, cellular networks are used to relay your location to an application server; thus, someone has to pay to send this information. There are many personal locator devices – PLDs (like zoombak, Leipac, etc.) that have a cellular device included, usually with a SIM card, to communicate your location – and this is an expensive service.

Integration Of LBS With GPS – Profitable Deal

If you use digital transformation apps, you’ve probably realized that almost all of them ask about your geographical access when you install them. Have you done so?

Today, many digital transformation apps provide location-based services. Have you ever wondered why? The hitch is that these mobile apps allow firms to promote and communicate with their customers on a real-time basis.

We are sure you’ve all received a push message about a discount offer as soon as you walked into a store at some point, haven’t you?

Smooth and secure payment service

The only way to pay (at most places) was in cash two decades ago. Then next familiar terms came Credit/Debit cards. However, today you will rarely find people carrying their wallets because mobile phones are converting everything.

We are sure that, you too, don’t keep a lot of cash about you for various reasons. Payments have gone mobile, just like everything else, thanks to digital transformation apps like Google Pay, PayPal, and PayTM.

Everything is in a different sphere now that the times have shifted. On a lighter side, someone travelling through time might exclaim, “GREAT!”

In order to conduct monetary operations, people have upgraded and shifted from carrying cash in their pockets to carrying a smartphone and a payment app.

Now let’s talk about security after all you don’t want to end up draining your finances using unauthorized sources, right?

The process of building a payments app is different from building any other app since the developers need to focus on the security of funds as well as data security while developing the app. To ensure that their digital transformation apps are safe and reliable, many companies are investing substantially. Through the adoption of mobile payments and the acceptance of real-time payments, businesses continuously enhance their capital flow.

 Final Words

Whether you need quick services like ordering food, booking a ride, or scheduling an appointment with doctors, mobile apps are there to provide you turntables experience. A vast section of the worldwide population is making most of these apps and so do the businesses. These apps are the pressing need of the time and there are here to stay for long. Moreover, if any business wants to stay ahead of the competition building a mobile app helps businesses to get the jackpot. These apps will augment the revenue pools of your business whilst also creating brand awareness. For transforming your business digitally, developing mobile apps are worth giving every shot.

Searching for the best mobile app development services? We have got your business marketing needs covered. For more information on the app development process, get in touch with us today!

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