7 Common Mistakes To Avert When Developing React Native Apps

It is the best choice to develop apps using React Native. React Native is a popular framework used by entrepreneurs and developers worldwide since it allows developers to create projects quickly. We have used this blog to list down the safety instructions for developers and entrepreneurs doing business with React Native. As the very famous saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure.”

The popularity of React Native is increasing

It is becoming increasingly popular to use React Native. React Native development companies have to learn a different way around the development process as the demand is not going to decrease. JavaScript was not overlooked by developers of React Native apps. It is important to understand and avoid some common mistakes that can ruin your React Native app experience.

In order to help you become familiar with the errors that occur when developing React Native apps and improve your skills to commit minimal mistakes, we have broken the blog into four sections. 

What Makes Developers Love React Native?

Due to the fact that React Native uses JavaScript

Most developers begin their careers with JavaScript. Thus, there is a strong similarity between the subject matter and those films. JavaScript’s heavy reliance on React Native greatly reduces its learning curve. 

Enhanced productivity 

In order to build apps faster, developers need to be more productive. While JavaScript is already reliable, the live reload feature and choice of IDE or text editor make the process easier. 

Community support is strong 

The React Native framework has gained a great deal of popularity since being launched in the year 2015. Many developers and businesses across the globe and from various industries have opted to utilize React Native due to the multitude of benefits it provides. In response to this high demand, a large and growing community has tirelessly working to fix the flaws and pros of React Native on a daily basis.

Native applications will be developed by them

The developers do not use web views to render React Native components even though they work in JavaScript. There is only one reason you should use React Native: it renders real native elements, giving developers the freedom and flexibility to build components for specific platforms, such as activity indicators, that give platforms a recognizable, native-like* feel. 

The Development Of React Native Apps Presents A Number Of Challenges 

Native apps are dependent on developers 

Considering JavaScript, developers are sometimes required to work with native developers as well. It is especially important when you need to implement heavy computations in your application. As a result, these types of apps require that computation be offloaded to the native part of the app, which requires a native developer.

The Abstraction Layer has limitations 

The abstraction layer on the native platform adds more functionality to React Native apps. In the development of a React Native app, the abstraction layer itself comes with some persistent issues. They include: 

  • It is extremely difficult to identify bugs that occur at the abstraction layer.
  • Third-party library and service dependencies are high.
  • The necessity of implementing custom designs.

Parallel threading or multiprocessing is not supported 

Developers may observe slow performance when executing processes in parallel when using React Native due to the single Javascript thread.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Native Apps For React Native

1) Estimation error

Layout for Android and iOS versions: While there will be many reusable components, there may also be different layouts. A simple app page can have a completely different structure on iOS and Android. 

Forms: It is important to estimate the validation layout as well. As opposed to creating a hybrid app using, say, Cordova, React Native requires more code to be written. 

When creating a web application: The backend offers different endpoints that you should check out. Logic should be properly coded in the app because you will have to handle it. The structure of the database and how entities are connected should be understood.  

2)Redux store planning can go wrong

The part of an app that deals with data handling are less important when we tackle an innovative project as a developer. With Redux, you can manage and debug app states and store data correctly. Managing app data can be powerful when planned appropriately. Many things can go wrong when it isn’t done. Furthermore, Redux app development is not extremely suitable for small projects. It takes a lot of coding to make even the smallest of changes. Therefore, it would be better for startups to choose React Native when they have large-scale applications and avoid it when they have small-scale applications.

3)Left “console.log” statements

It is extremely handy to have console log statements available. They even assist with app debugging. The log statements remain in the application, but what happens when you leave them there? Keeping the rendering logic and methods inside, especially those which are asynchronous, can cause JavaScript threads to be bottlenecked, which is a serious problem. This ultimately slows down the application. 

4)Codes from external modules are not read 

External modules can save us a lot of time as developers. Modules can simplify and speed up work, especially because they come with documentation. But, most of the time, modules break or do not work as expected. The developer should therefore read the code and treat the step as one of the best practices for React Native. Having this done allows you to figure out what is wrong and how to correct it. 

5)Inside the render function, the state can be changed

There is an interconnection between the DataStore and View. Objects in the datastore are stored as components, and views are rendered according to their states. The program then obtains a new state from the database and displays it. React has a function called setState() that takes the object’s new state and compares it to the previous state in order to accomplish this. Finally, a new state is created after merging with the previous state and added to the state datastore. With React Native, the component life cycle can continue all the way up for a lifetime. If you change the state directly, this causes the lifecycle to break up, corrupting all previous states. Consequently, the mobile app behaves abnormally or crashes. 

6)React Native images are not optimized 

A high-priority task in React Native apps should be optimizing the images. In this method, the images will be resized locally, but they will then be uploaded to cloud storage such as S3, where the server will then return the CDN link, which can then be returned through API. This process makes the image loading process faster and highly efficient. 

7)Optimizing React Native performance with stateless components

The truth about React 16 is still true for some developers. Stateless components extend no classes. It basically takes the argument as the DOM display and props. 

Benefits include: 

  • Rapid implementation.
  • Does not make use of state variables or local variables.
  • Testing is easy.

React Native developers are now more likely to make use of pure components when building apps. Why?

Conduct shallow comparison – Complex UI applications can take advantage of this since render operations are reduced. The method is called shouldComponentUpdate() and performs a shallow comparison automatically and then checks whether re-rendering is necessary. Re-rendering is done for stateless components as the parent component re-renders. Pure components, however, are only re-rendered when their states or props change.

 Perform side effects – It can perform side effects, such as sending AJAX requests or performing DOM operations. 

The list above includes only 7, but there can also be a number of others. Your ultimate goal as a developer should be to avoid mistakes.

React Native App Development: How to Avoid Common Mistakes?

First and foremost, there isn’t a single developer on earth who doesn’t make mistakes. We all make mistakes, even experienced developers – nobody is perfect. It shouldn’t be your goal to become a coder who never makes a mistake at the end of this blog. If you are using React Native to develop apps, then you should take care to not make the mistakes described in this blog and those that are considered common in the mobile app development industry. 

Outlined Below Are Two Effective Ways To Become A Proficient React Native App Developer.  

Get involved with an organization that focuses on training 

Developers who are just starting out should pay attention to this section as opposed to seasoned developers. A good idea for a new graduate is to associate yourself with a mid-sized company where you can get hands-on help from Team Leaders so that your academic learning can be applied accordingly. 

In a small business, you are usually working under the assumption that you will be on your A-game right from the start. A mid-sized business operates on a time crunch model. As a result, partnering with a business that focuses on your learning is always the better choice. When developers are serious about their job, it’s a good idea to know the mistakes they can make, which can ruin the users’ experience. An excellent starting point would be to find a mobile application development company with a mindset that mistakes are an integral part of learning. 

Keep learning new skills by enrolling in courses

Beginning your career by taking courses can prove to be a great starting point on a present and future basis. Even experienced and highly skilled persons must brush up on their skills. Often when working on a variety of projects, one loses sight of the technical understanding that one started with before expanding their career. Restarting things from scratch and going back to the basics always makes sense.

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