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Parallel Tracking

Google announced about parallel tracking implementation by 2018. It is now expected that all AdWord accounts will have parallel tracking starting from October 30, 2018. This is an improvement towards sales, as advertisers will get visitors faster on their respective landing pages. The time between clicking on an ad and reaching the landing page determines … Continue reading “Google AdWords Aims to Improve Visitor Velocity of the Landing Pages with Parallel Tracking”

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SEO Goals

With the right SEO practices, we are aiming at branding, ideological influence on website visitors, marketing function of an agency. These can only be achieved if you have realistic goals in your mind and gradually you can work to improve them. Thus, you must wisely decide on your goals and see that they provide specific … Continue reading “Plan on Smart SEO Goals for Your Organization and Expect Better Online Business”

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SU Shutting Down

StumbleUpon, a great social content discovery platform is shutting down on 30th June 2018. This news was released in a blog post, which said that the co-founder Garrett Camp announced the shutting down of the platform. He added that users should migrate to Mix.com (Camp’s latest company). The popular platform, which will soon be closing … Continue reading “June 30th 2018 – Stumble Upon Shutting Down”

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Instagram has skyrocketed its popularity with its influential photo sharing feature. There are about 800 million monthly active users, who use this platform to get connected with their humongous number of followers. It is not only a place of entertainment but, business too. Therefore, people have now become highly active here to promote their brand. … Continue reading “Powerful Tips For Marketing Through Instagram”

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