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Since the dawn of SEO, there have been SEO experts who have become enamored with the wrong SEO trend. I know this because I began my marketing career as an SEO specialist and gradually progressed to a broader position as a marketing manager.

There are fresh SEO blunders to avoid every couple of years when SEO specialists notice they’re doing something improperly for the first time.

SEO experts used to endlessly stuff keywords into text in order to rank. The smart SEO experts would never do that, but the majority of experts did. Finally, Google improved their algorithm, and everyone stopped stuffing keywords.

The same was true for hyperlinks. SEO experts built massive link farms. Spent hours exchanging meaningless links because links, even from spam sites, promoted search engine ranking. Some savvy SEO professionals recognized the practice as spam and avoided it, but, once again, the majority of SEO professionals engaged in it. Then Google changed their algorithm, and all experts immediately stopped using link farms.

I could go on, but the pattern is obvious.

What if I told you that SEO experts still make the same mistakes they did in the past, based on the same misconceptions?

They continue to ignore the big picture in favor of obsessing over minor details. Do you want to know where this misunderstanding stems from?

Minimal code is the answer

When it comes to keyword stuffing, link farming, W3C validation, domain name, and content length – the same passion that SEO specialists have for one technical element claims to solve all of their SEO needs and provide an unending supply of traffic – now it’s all about minimal code.

The issue with this obsession is that it has prevented SEO professionals from employing the most convenient and advanced design technology available today: page builders.

These WordPress page builders enable users to create highly professional-looking landing pages and site pages without any coding, potentially reducing the SEO professional’s monthly workload by hours and hours.

I must admit that there is some justification for SEO professionals avoiding page builders. Until now, WordPress did not provide an SEO-friendly page builder plugin.

That is why we developed a page builder that is among other things. The most SEO-friendly page builder ever seen on WordPress. It’s called Elementor. It was created with the strictest code standards. It delivers the best performance when it comes to creating page designs.

Before I explain how page builder outperforms prior builders in terms of SEO, I want to dispel the two primary reasons why these experts are against to page builders.

Objections against Page Builders by SEO experts

It’s because of this concern with SEO that they despise page builders in the first place. Pages can be graphically designed with most page builders, and then the code is generated by wrapping content in DIVs. In either scenario, you end up with a page with a lot of DIVs.

In either scenario, you end up with a page with a lot of DIVs. SEO experts believe that this is not optimal code because it might be shorter.

No good argument exists for not using DIVS. As long as you use the proper coding principles, these DIVs won’t hurt a page’s ranking.

It’s also worth noting that, up until now, the majority of page builders are badly building and contributing to excessive amounts of code to the website.  If you’re using a page builder that uses shortcodes, this is true.

In themes that don’t support full-width pages, certain page builders include a workaround to allow for full-width pages. JavaScript can be used to take over the entire page and force it to be full-width.

No such code shortcut has been created in our page builder, Elementor. We don’t employ shortcodes, and we don’t force JavaScript to allow full screen unnaturally. However, following the proper code standards has been a guideline for us throughout the development process. It has occasionally required us to spend hours trying to find the right solution that would not compromise code quality.

As a result of our efforts, our page builder offers fast results of drag and drop functionality and generates optimized code for search engines.

Page Builders: Why SEO Experts Should Use Them

Now I’ll explain why most SEOs make the mistake of not using page builders. As well as how they were able to boost their performance by integrating page builders into their work.

Let go of Developers and Designers While working for a search engine optimization agency a few years ago, my frustration grew since I had to wait for the engineers or designers to apply my suggestions. This meant that I would have to wait until the end of the month before I could demonstrate to the client any significant improvements I had made. With page builders, you can make any changes yourself and not have to worry about the underlying coding. This eliminates the intermediary, allowing the SEO specialist to focus on his job without having to master coding or Photoshop abilities.

Simple text pages no longer rank well on Google. As a result, if you want your website to rank higher in Google search results and keep people interested, you need to make it visually appealing. Images, movies, and other visual content are good for a unique layout. Using a drag-and-drop page builder on the frontend is the only way to go.

  • Page Dynamic Enhancement – There are contact forms, animations, and carousels. Visitors are more likely to remain longer, convert, and have a pleasant experience on your site if they’re more engaged and engaging. Use drag and drop widgets to make this task easier.
  • Conversion optimization – When it comes to page conversion optimization, sometimes all it takes is changing the color of a button to make a page convert better. Changes are done with the press of a button, without having to touch the code, with page builders.
  • Enhancement of the Page – It has a contact form, animations, and a carousel, to name a few. Visitors who engage more time on your site are more likely to stay longer, convert, and have a positive experience. Make this work easier by using widgets that can be moved around.
  • Optimization of the conversion – The color of a button can make a page convert better when it comes to conversion optimization. When using page builders, you can make changes by pressing a button and not touching the code.
  • Let Client Control His Platform – SEO professionals are often also responsible for managing their clients’ websites. Even non-technical website owners may learn how to use page builders because they are intuitive. However, instead of pestering their SEO specialist, they just make the modification themselves. Even if it’s only for emergencies, it’s crucial to teach kids this skill.
  • Update Themes – One Theme Is Not Enough It’s impossible to keep up with fashion and trends. It’s amazing when you think about how websites looked a decade ago.
  • Lessen The Use of Plugins – If you have more than one plug-in, it will hurt your search engine optimization (SEO). Each plugin increases the number of requests made to the server, slowing down the site. The Sliders, button producers, Google Maps embeds, and many other plugins can be made superfluous by page builders. Every widget in our page builder is a saving in a plugin that would provide the same job.
  • Much Easier to Manage the Site – As mentioned above, SEO freelancers function as site managers a lot of the time. Without needing to code, changing and upgrading the various site pages is considerably easier with page builders.
  • Create a large number of landing pages and new pages – There is more need of pages today on our website than ever before. There is a need of a new platform for ads, new services and products, and new landing pages. Because online competition has been so fierce, we’ve had to construct new dynamic and created pages to keep up with it. SEO professionals are necessary to provide this service. This is greatly enhanced by page builders.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) Plugins – When it comes to examining what modifications need to be made to the page’s content, the Yoast SEO plugin is my go-to.  Additionally, RankMath SEO plugin, which is both lightweight and powerful, is another option.


Forerunners of Google’s algorithm changes. The greatest SEO specialists are those who have adapted their site optimization approach accordingly to avoid SEO blunders. As a result, I believe that these experts should begin adopting page builders. This will help them to stay on top of the game and streamline their efforts.

For professional SEO services or any kind of assistance, you can reach us at GlobalHunt Technologies. We know how to deal with the technical aspects of a Website Design page.

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