Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—all fall under the social networking services that help you to connect with friends. But there is a unique social networking website which is useful for people who are career-driven. It is LinkedIn, a popular and powerful business-oriented app which also helps to generate employment opportunities.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 500 million users that are scattered across around 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn has its website as well as mobile application available for Android and iOS users, making it easier for people to stay updated with the content of website.

LinkedIn helps job seekers, professionals, college students and any individual who is interested in making a fruitful career. Employers of both small and big businesses use it to hire talented employees to work under them.

LinkedIn is for anybody and everybody who is interested in taking their professional life a notch higher by finding new opportunities to grow their careers and connect with other professionals.

On LinkedIn, a person can create a Resume or CV, which will be shown as Profile. Here, a person can add his/her educational qualification, job profile, past experiences, interests, hobbies, contact details and other relevant information like other social media handles. But the main focus is placed on the professional life of an individual.

LinkedIn is free for all but it has some premium features which can be used by individuals and companies who can have LinkedIn sponsor their content by paying a certain amount. This is useful for both employers and employees, as it helps to promote them.

A person can apply for a job of their choice virtually. If the employer likes the CV, an interview is fixed. It might happen in real time, but the job seeking process is initiated virtually.

Every day, there are numerous jobs listed on LinkedIn, which a person can apply for, depending on the qualification as is mentioned in the job description. A person can also connect with other professionals by email or contact number. The option of private messaging has made it easier for the like-minded people to connect and initiate an exchange of ideas. This is also a well-structured way to get information about a particular job, company, etc. from an experienced professional.

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A great way to connect with new professionals is to join groups based on your interests or current profession. It is just like a social group, where there is a healthy and formal interaction between the members of the group. These groups are an impeccable way to gain valuable knowledge about the ongoing job situation, the requirements of the employers, any new developments and the current market scenario.

LinkedIn has made the job seeking process simpler and more interactive. It has led to more job opportunities than there ever were. It has opened doors for the younger people who want to earn money and gain experience while still studying.

Employers have a great option to select the best person by viewing multiple applications. LinkedIn has benefitted both employers and employees equally. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone!

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