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In the past year 2018, the competitive market of the mobile app witnessed over the 30 billion downloads.  With every rising year the growth is increased by 11percent. This is assumed that with rise in demand in 2019 new trends in mobile app development will be adapted to provide the user an amazing experience. The developer aims to bring innovation to these apps by keeping the current trends alive.

Here are 5 High-Priority Mobile App Development Trends For 2019

  1. The Native Vs. Hybrid App Development Showdown Continues

Which one is better to create a native app or hybrid app? The debate about which development route is best has been going on between the experts. As per the iOS Engineer native apps will continue to dominate over hybrid apps in the year 2019 irrespective of the growth of the hybrid technologies. This is because the native app features being added rapidly by both Apple and Google to their mobile operating system and on the flip side hybrid app frameworks low technical entry point, which is difficult to maintain and also hybrid app development finding and fixing bugs is more difficult.

  1. Mobile app turn is great as marketing campaign

Business houses only focus on developing the excellent app that provides its user a great experience and provides them one-stop solution to solve the problem. But, what is left out is its marketing campaign. It is good to presume that more and more acquisition user will make the mobile app success, but actual values rest on the bedrock of engaging and retaining the users. Joyce Solano, SVP of Global Marketing stated that companies waste a lot of time and money in mobile app install, but 80% of the user never return after the first visit. So, marketing campaigns is the key to convert installs into genuine customer.

  1. 2019 Is The Year That “Moment-Marketing” Turn Off

Moment marketing is connecting online and offline media in real time. In 2015 Google brought a movement known as micro moments where the mobiles are used as the natural gateway to harness real-world consumer intent. This was done to reduce the UX friction and increase the sales. But, businesses need to think about building the crowds of train commuters, local brand loyalists, store shoppers, and frequent travelers, and more. So, in the upcoming year 2019 business houses need to take right steps by following the new way of working and connecting.

  1. Target On OTT Development

The OTT (over-the-top) market and mobile app development market is ready for OTT.  This is because OTT market is highly accepted by the consumer as this market is overruled by the providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, Hulu, and more. It has been anticipated that by 2019, OTT streaming subscribe will reach over 300 million across the globe.

  1. Expanding The Benefits of Augmented Reality(AR)

AR is the powerful weapon that you can use as social media campaign. There is no doubt that AR and VR technology indeed has created a huge influence over the audience in the last few years. AR technology is not only augmenting or grooming the famous advance gaming app, but has received a huge overwhelming response from the social media platform. It has noted that the worldwide niche of AR and VR technology has increased drastically from $27 billion dollars in 2018 and it is anticipated to reach about $209 billion by 2022.

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