How To Choose Competitors For Your ASO Strategy

Working in the field of app development you must be familiar with the ASO which is app store optimization. Therefore, you have to create an app that would be responsible for your growth potential. 

For the same, you should also be aware of how to choose competitors for your ASO strategy? With the help of this blog, you will be able to know the best approach to gain more visibility on various other mobile apps and games platforms. 

How Can You Decide The Right ASO Competitor?

Finding a strong competitor is also an important task to make your research valuable. Thus, before analyzing the competitor you should keep some major factors in your mind. 

There are many factors that are responsible for choosing a strong competitor before launching your app. All these are listed below for your ease:

  • Deeply Understand The Market

The very first crucial aspect you should know for ASO competitors analyzes. Understand the market that helps you to reach more users towards your app. Now, if you choose a competitor that is working in the US only, will not be beneficial for you. As your app will be available in some other country that comparison will not make any sense. 

As per the demand of the market try to analyze the targeted keywords, better visual designs, different strategies, and also the latest ASO aspects. This can help you to make your research more valuable. 

  • Categories The Products & Services

 You should be aware of the type of product and the services you are providing through this app. This is because users will be able to find the exact product which they are looking for at your application. For example, if you are leaching an app for a healthy diet and lifestyle then you have to cover all types of diets by keeping in mind different kinds of people. 

Also, such healthy plans or paid plans for different age groups. The payment within the app will also be sorted. By following these strategies you will be able to approach or we can say beat the strongest competitor in the market. 

  • Google Or Apple App Store

Before launching your app you should know where your competitor is available. Finding the right store is also an important aspect of understanding how to choose competitors for your ASO strategy. You can also available your app on both the store by knowing the right competition over there. 

  • Healthy Comparison Of Startups Or Big Companies

Understand this crucial thing that does not compare your work with some others. The mistake that we all did start comparing our brand new app with those companies that are at the topmost position over the years. Know this deeply that you should have to compare with that competitor who is at the same level as yours. Analyze what they are doing better than you and then step forward by taking those research into results. 

Once you reach that desired point by getting an ample amount of visitors in that particular category try to step forward by changing your competitor. This can enhance productivity and earnings through your application. 

How To Analyze ASO Competitors Gradually?

Check out these important steps that can gradually help you for establishing a result-oriented ASO strategy for competitors. 

  • Do Smart Research For Targeting Keywords

Try to do strong research by sorting at least 5 or 10 main keywords for your app. You have to recognize that the long-tail keywords we use in search engines are different. From the user’s point of interest keywords for the app is very short tail. To analyze the behaviour of users keeps yourself in their position. 

What will search on an app store if you want to know healthy diet- Weight loss diet or 10 best methods that help in weight loss? After analyzing the right keywords try to figure out top competitors that are holding the first position by the same keyword on both google play store and apple app store. 

  • Deeply Analyze ASO Competitors

From the above point, you know familiar with your top competitor. Now list all of them and analyze the work they have done at their backend. However, you have to check how they optimize their on-metadata textual field by using the targeted keywords. In the Google play store, it is known as Title and meta description. In the Apple app store, it is named with App Name and short description. These both are very important aspects while analyzing the ASO competitors. You can also take help from some external tools, as they can help you to find those keywords on which your competitors are working along with the search traffic. With such tools, you can find the possible gap and the new keywords on which there is a high chance to rank in top positions. 

  • Check Out Downloads And Actual Rating

After knowing everything about your ASO competitor, the last step is to check the figure they are maintaining over the app store. This includes the actual number of downloads, their user reviews, ratings, their growth, and so on.

Knowing these figures is crucial if you want to beat those big players that are already maintained their position. Here, you have to play very smartly because analyzing those exact downloads and the accumulated ratings are important to beat the potential competitors. Both google play and the app store will give importance to such a matrix. Thus there are many online tools available that can provide you the complete data by monitoring deeply these KPIs that enhance the productivity of these ASO/App marketing so vastly. 

Conclusion To Find Right Competitor For ASO Strategy

In the above article, we have shared the most important aspects of how to choose competitors for your ASO strategy in a very simple manner. If you are new in this app industry then it was recommended to hire some professionals that can help in making ASO strategies. You can contact GlobalHunt Technologies hassle-free for finding the best practice that you can make for your app. Here, you will find the best App Store Optimization Services and strong ASO competitors analyzing strategies with their highly skilled experts. Know which type of approach will give you the desired results. 

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