7 Best Productivity Tips For Developers And Programmers

How do you double the productivity of your development team? What should developers improve in their workflow? To find answers to all such questions we bring with this blog the 7 best productivity tips for developers and programmers. 

Not only developers, but we all struggle to get rid of working monotonous tasks on repeat while doing our jobs. Sometimes we find it quite difficult to stay mentally focused without getting exhausted. 

Developers and programmers know very well how it feels when you have to copy-paste the same codes over and over again. Though, every professional wants to improve his/her productivity during their working hours. 

If you are struggling with lapsed concentration or lack of focus then it is quite detrimental to your work outcome. With this blog, we are going to share some practical tips to increase productivity at work for developers and programs. 

These tips are helpful for all professionals, so if you are not a programmer or developer don’t skip reading the below productivity tips.

Top 7 Productivity Tips For Developers And Programmers At Work

Follow these super active tips to boost your productivity level at work without lacking that creative spark within you. We hope some of this advice definitely help you out to find which one suits your personality as well. So without any further ado let deep dive into it:

  • Find Your Work Priorities 

As a developer set out your work priorities first. It is quite important to be very clear about what area of your work needs more attention or what area needs lesser. 

It is recommended to set a to-do list and schedule your task in advance. So that you are aware of what task exactly you have to heads-ups for a day. Doing such scheduling your work can significantly increase your productivity at your workplace. 

To make it easier, you can take help from external sources as well or you can maintain a to-do-list journal. There are bundles of web development tools or templates available online that can become your helping hand to prioritize or structure your day according to your task. 

To hold yourself more accountable try this formula that is mentioned below in the diagram. 

Find Your Work Priorities

This is how to try to jotting down what task is important at a time. With the help of this technique, you will be very clear to achieve your desired goal in a certain period. 

  • Do Not Sacrifice Your Work Breaks

To work to the best of your ability, you have to take a rest for a while in a proper manner. It is very obvious that when you are tired it is easy to get distracted. As per research, the human mind can sustain its focus maximum of 45 minutes. 

For programmers, it is very important to have short breaks to rest their minds. These short rest can help you to enhance your daily productivity as well as your performance at work. Most multinational companies adopt such refreshment breaks that we call the Pomodoro technique. This trend of break has become so popular among the developer’s community that now they have proper Promodoro apps in their device that manage everything. 

Make sure the kind of break you are taking is healthy for your mind as well as for your work. Systemize your activities as a break. However, remember this you don’t have to build the habits or the kind of rest that everyone tells you to build. Choose any mind refreshing technique that suits you, not one that is most popular. 

  • Try To Wind-up Diffficut Tasks At First

As we mentioned in the very first solution as the best productivity tips for developers and programmers try to specify your task. To manage your work deadline, analyze which task is time-consuming. 

Try to build a hierarchy of your regular assigned task so that you will have a clear mind throughout the day. Don’t open multiple windows on your screen. We know for a developer it is hard to stay on a single project for various code research. But yes, stop trolling yourself to multiple projects at a time. 

To keep yourself focused try to solve a single problem once and then shift yourself to the other. Multitasking is a good practice but also not everyone can do it properly. It results in the loss of productivity throughout the working hours. As per research, only 2% of employees can perform multitask which is quite a disturbing figure. If you have the skill to manage different tasks then go for it otherwise it is completely okay to do with one task at a moment.

  • Figure It Out Which Code Editor Is Good

For web developers, it is important to have a good code editor on their desks. Now, which software is better for them depends on their work requirements. 

The programing language you are using is important. As you will pick that code editor which provides you better syntex according to your language by highlighting them. There are various other code editors available in the market working with the latest technologies that developers can give a try to ease their workload. 

Try to use some latest code-sharing platforms to find more useful functionality. For those developers who want to create their keyboard shortcuts, the use of a code editor will be a good decision. You can also reach us to find more ideas for developers as well as programmers to improve their work personally or technically. 

While working over any code editor find it out whether it offers you an adequate theme or plugin with massive functionality. This can improve your workflow without losing focus on your particular project. 

  • Block Out All Distractions Near You

The major reason behind your unproductive work is the huge distractions around you. You will find various blogs with the best productivity tips for developers and programmers but first, you have to figure out the actual reason behind it. If you don’t do anything to eliminate them, you may be in big trouble. You have to figure out what is the root cause of having huge distractions while you are at your workplace. 

We all have sneaky nature to check out the mails or messages when that notification bell rings. Sometimes, we spend hours while checking up a single mail and then scrolling social media, and then any new podcast, and so on. 

Therefore, we won’t able to realize that time but such activities are unproductive and distract us from our desired goals. To avoid them try to acknowledge what notification is important during your working hours. 

There are many applications available that can lock your social media during your work hours. Also, you can mute the notification settings that ping you to catch them quickly. 

  • Automate Your Work If You Can

To reduce your workload tries to automate your work. For developers and programmers, there are a number of the same tasks that you have to perform every day. 

Using some professional software you can automate your development process. Many other task runners can automatically perform your routine tasks such as image optimization, auto-prefixing, and many more. So, if you have been stuck in a different task use this automatic software to perform other tasks. 

The other advantage of using automated testing is to cross-check all errors while coding or programming. When you are working on a project for long hours it is quite obvious that your eye neglects some errors. That is why you need a fresh eye to detect any major issue while revisiting the codes. 

  • Give A Try To Command-Line & Track Workflow

To speed up your workflow it is a good habit to use a command-line interface instead of using the graphical user interface. However, just like automating task help you to improve your productivity skills, the CLI also do the same. It helps you to polish your programming skills while working on the different work areas. 

Also, we recommend you analyze your daily workflow. Sometimes we can know where our time goes without meeting our daily tasks. That is why we suggest you track your working hours and also the amount of productive work you have done in the meanwhile. With the help of this technique, you will be able to cut down the unnecessary distraction that leads to unproductive at work. 


These are the 7 best productivity tips for developers and programmers that can help you to boost your workflow to the next level. This blog is mainly for programmers but one can also use these tips and tricks in their work as well. Do not hesitate to contact GlobalHunt Technologies to find more productive solutions and best web development services.

Look, improving productivity does not mean that you have to write many lines of code for a particular day. It’s about how productive the work is and how you involve during your work. 

 Your every second matters when you are at your work. Don’t go for quantity of work, go for the quality work for which you spend your precious time. The techniques we have shared in the above blog will help you to drive the best performance in your field.

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