9 Top UX Design Fundamentals to Look Out in 2022

User experience is immediately stumbled upon at the time of discovering the area of web or app design. UX design is a vast domain with great prominence.  

It is thought that UX design focus on the user, however applying that belief actually can be quite difficult. Therefore, what’re the aspects that UX designers must take care of at the time of creating a refreshing and amazing experience for users? This blog presents 9 of the best UX design principles to look out and consider. 

Meaning of UX Design Principle 

UX design prioritizes getting to know the requirements of user and their expectations and requirements with the product. Designing magnificent elements through user experience principles caters to the purposes. The optimum UX design principles and approaches aid quality of user interaction, the idea or thought of your product as well as related services. 

All in all, user experience design principles offer a robust base for establishing effective solutions via innovative design models, communication patterns as well as advanced principles. 

Leading UX Design Principles 

9 of the best UX design principles are presented below, let’s check them out. 

  •  User-oriented design 

An optimum UX design must be focused on users, which indicates that personal viewpoints and likings can be overlooked. Ultimately, the product is going to be and has to be designed for the users. Understanding the requirements, preferences and viewpoints of users is essential. Invest time and efforts in knowing the requirements, viewpoints, preferences and wishes of the users and in preparing the design accordingly. 

  • Uniformity

Uniformity is important in the design. It is an important factor to think about while designing the product. A uniform design is effective in presenting the product well to the users. It is important to have a trendy and consistent design for website and mobile app.  

  • Convenience 

Taking accessibility into consideration is amongst the important UX fundamentals. A designer has to make sure that there are no obstructions in the design. It must be ensured that the design of the website or mobile app is easy to use and access. Also, it must be ensured by the designers that the design of the product is user-friendly and easy to access. 

  • Order

Hierarchy is an additional prominent UX design principle. Applying the principle from very beginning offers various advantages. Using the principle is helpful to users in browsing the website or app simply and getting to the thing that they are looking for. It is important to a designer in viewing exactly the way website or app operates. 

Using the principle is beneficial to designer in simplifying the function. Applying the hierarchy approach in the design should initiate with producing an information hierarchy. Designer can apply it for creating a site map. Using the site map, a design hierarchy can be created that is effective in interlinking the web pages sensibly and uniformly.  

  • User Control 

Users generally have an awesome experience with managing their operations while using a product. An important component of user control is letting users rectify their mistakes. 

For instance, at the time a user begins doing an activity such as composing an email, clicking on the Cancel Button should allow the user in closing and leaving the activity. Similarly, clicking on Undo button is effective in stopping or cancelling an undesired task. 

An additional approach of augmenting user control is facilitating highly advanced and tech-savvy users. Keyboard shortcuts are effective in this regard. Furthermore, templates and macros can facilitate users in carrying out repetitive tasks quite efficiently. Advanced searching facilitates users in finding out what they want to find quite efficiently. 

  • Context 

Context is an essential component of interaction procedure of users with the designs. In this regard, context indicates prioritizing the devices that users can utilize to access the website or mobile app. 

Contextual designing even indicates prioritizing several aspects. Generally, location of the user is a contextual aspect, although additional aspects cannot be overlooked, including emotional state of users, the time, and the device they are going to utilize. Those aspects are going to possibly determine the behavior of users when the design forms an approach to augment the user experience. 

  • User-friendliness 

Designers are careful for various aspects associated with the usability of their designs. Building improved usability is the finest part to present to the users. It is related to verifying if your users are able to carry out activities conveniently, the product operates appropriately and it carries outs its function. The product could be unsuccessful to cater to the users in case the usability of the product does not work well. Designers are aware of the importance and requirement of usability in their operations.  

  • Animations 

Animations are amongst the finest approaches to entertain the users. They include activities to the website and offer an amazing experience to the audience. Moreover, animations can facilitate the target audience in understanding the functionality of the website in case they are implemented appropriately. The use of animations is effectual in conveying the information well to the audience. Users can be guided by the animation to do an activity on the website. 

  • Confirmation 

The major goal of designers is to avert mistakes. In case a user has not deliberately conducted an activity, it leads to bad user experience. Asking as well as presenting confirmation for a required activity is amongst the finest approaches to prevent these mistakes. 

The confirmation message or pop-up lets user know that the activity has been done successfully. For instance, order confirmation screen lets users know that the order has been placed successfully. With the confirmation message, user can get to know that the order has been successfully placed and can move forward. 

Since confirmation processes entail extra efforts, a designer must utilize the ones having a significant outcome. An additional example is asking the user to confirm before doing a significant action like deleting a large number of emails. 


Considering the requirements and preferences of users, introducing the trendy and user-friendly design, having consistency throughout the design are some decisive points to pay attention to while designing UX for a website or mobile app. 

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